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May 14 2010

"Mercy" cancelled by NBC. The show also starred Michelle Trachtenberg and Jaime Lee Kirchner, who played Rayna in the third episode of Dollhouse.

Am I the only one thinking that the CW and NBC will have NOTHING to announce at the upfronts?

Going at this rate, we'll probably know the fate of Heroes (which currently has Elizabeth Rohm as a recurring character) and One Tree Hill in a few hours

So next season will be repeats of old shows...all the time!! Thanks networks...
I believe NBC has more than doubled the amount of shows that it picked up last year. CBS doesn't really need to cancel anything, ABC is in deeper trouble than NBC, so it may be full of repeats, and the only thing FOX has wrong with it is live-action comedys, which it ordered five of. So I think we're safe. ;)
NBC has picked up more than half a dozen shows...and most of them sound really good, but I guess you're right. They have pretty much squealed on everything but the actual scheduling. (I'm interested to know how they'll set up a second comedy block.) I thought Mercy was a nice show, but really a great one, plus it's ratings crashed. OTH probably won't be announced until late this weekend or next week, and Heroes will likely be a late Upfronts decision for NBC because they have to calculate international deals to account for most of its concluding profits.

Network television pretty much never just repeats old shows when they cancel one. In fact, this season has been way up in the ordering of both pilots and series by all FOX, ABC, and NBC. Especially, NBC.

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That's too bad, but I can't say I blame em. The best actor on the show was Michelle, based on the couple of episodes I watched (and I'm not saying that because I'm a Buffy fan; it's true). She really was good, I hope someone snatches her up for something else. For me one of the biggest problems was an unlikable main character and mostly uncompelling other characters.
Heroes just cancelled, link here

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I'll miss was kinda' cute. And just when MT's character was going to medical school!
I liked Mercy, but the cancellation was pretty much a given with the low ratings. (But why all the cliffhangers?)

Where NBC is going next season will be very very interesting. They already have the best comedy block (even though I could take or leave 30 Rock at this point and The Office is in a slump)... albeit one that has a ridiculously low number of viewers.

Tuesday is the only wide-open comedy night I believe, though it wouldn't be impossible to take on ABC's Wednesday (which is still funnier than CBS ratings win Mondays). Hope this year's resurgence of comedy continues.
Colors, I don't like NBCs chances of going up against CBS' Navy block, as it has a lot comedy in it as well as drama, plus the fact it's a juggernaut. NBC will have to think this one through, after ordering four/six comedies this year. Plus they have one hour-long one. I say take ABCs Wednesday 8-9, and try Tuesday 8-10.
There's a juggernaut every night- truth is most shows are competing for the viewers that are *not* watching television at that hour, not for viewers watching other shows.

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Cliffhangers are a show's way to say, "OK network, cancel us if you dare, but you'll make our fans angry leaving us like this....uh, fans.....anyone there...Bueller?"
I just hope Michelle doesn't go back to "Gossip Girl".
Well, MT will be on Gossip Girl's finale next week... so perhaps she'll have a recurring role in the next season (I'm positive that the show's been picked up for a 4th season).
It has been renewed, but I don't think GG is looking to ever have her back full time.
oh,that's a shame, I actually really liked the show. it was my only guilty pleasure. reminded me of Grey's Anatomy when it first started. I've missed the last couple of eps. I don't suppose it'll get a proper ending,right?

my second victim, first one was Better Off Ted.
Well, CW has another season of Supernatural, which seems like kind of a dumb idea if anyone's seen the finale, but still.

I'm glad I'm only into a few shows at the moment, the networks have gone cancellation crazy lately.
Well, poo! I quite liked Mercy, and am man enough to admit it got me a bit weepy a couple of times.

I'd totally watch a show about MT going to med school, though. They could call it Dr Payne.
ahhh! I enjoyed Mercy alot. I watched it on Hulu most of the time though, so maybe I didn't help with the whole ratings thing. But even so, i'll miss that show. Michelle Trachtenberg was super awesome in it.

All those cliffhangers at the end of the series though, oh that is going to bug me for a long time.
That's unfortunate. I actually really liked Mercy and loved Michelle T.'s character. :(

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