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May 14 2010

(SPOILER) Ten awesome things about Joss's Glee episode. From Maureen Ryan. Includes the 5 minute video posted previously.

Sorry, just realised the video is the same linked to already on the front page. I shouldn't post on flu medication, clearly.
Glad to see Joss is a Brittany lover too. xD
I edited the emphasis of the post. The video is a less edited version of the Joss interview posted earlier but this is the first review I've seen.

She is entirely right about the two Glees. Which one this episode will be has been a big question of mine until now.

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For this occasion was invented the gleemoticon.
And I'm also happy with Joss being a Brittany lover. She's great. She gets the best lines!

Also, lots of love for Mo Ryan. I couldn't agree more with her about Good Glee/Bad Glee, and I tend to agree with her with a lot of stuff on her reviews of other shows too.

And who else tried to listen to what Joss was saying during Neil's interview??? Sound fail there.
Thanks for the edit, Sunfire.

I liked her comments about Glee as well. The show seems so good at times, and so awful at others, I always have mixed feelings before turning it on. I was thrilled to hear that some of the numbers were shot live, rather than lip synched, some of which has been truly terrible at times.
The Neil clips seem new?
As much as I love Brittany's wonderful lines, it seems at points that she's been used in the back 9 to provide the sole comedy outlet so that other characters can get on with the angst.
Share everyones thoughts on the ongoing battle between the good and bad Glee. This half of the season seems to have had the bad Glee winning most of the time, particularly with the Madonna episode and 'Home', whilst the other episodes have been saved by some great one liners rather than the plotting.

But, I think this is mostly down to them having to extend the show. The first half felt very complete and I imagine that it was mapped out in case they got no more - a comedy musical high school drama that attempts to attract an adult audience certainly sounds like a risky proposition. The second half has felt very much like they are trying to find where they want to go and which side of the show they want to focus on. They also seem to be suffering from a need to make the big event moments that inevitably comes with success (I don't want to blame network pressure, but...)

Hopefully, they will be able to find that balance again. It certainly sounds as if this episode is a success. The comparison to Buffy is obviously a good sign, one which I made about the show long ago that has since departed.
I'm sure it's already been noted that Glee choreographer Zach Woodlee was one of the dancing demon henchmen in Buffy 6.7 "Once More, with Feeling"?
I cannot tell you how excited I am about this episode...seriously! When was the last time I got excited about a tv show?? That'd be scratch that..Dexter and V Mars have gotten me pretty happy in the past.

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