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May 14 2010

Nathan Fillion as Hank Pym in The Avengers? Marvelous News is reporting that an "unconfirmed insider source" says that "Nathan Fillion is pretty much locked to be Henry Pym, and should be announced before any other new additions to the cast (think around Comic Con)."

Didn't he tweet a few months back that he was meeting with a big kahuna at Marvel?

Amazing news! I hope it's true.
Is this even possible with Castle re-newed for next season? I thought I heard Avengers was set to start filming in February 2011. Nathan would be doing Castle at that time.
1. I really hope to God that Joss & co. do not go the unfortunate wife beater route with his character. (40 years of characterization straight down the drain because of one awful writer.)

2. I don't know that Fillion can do Pym. I love Fillion, but he has too much of a persona that I don't think would translate well to the character. It would also be odd seeing Nathan as Hank next to say Chris Evans as Cap size-wise.

Regardless, if it's true, then I wish them all the best and hope for a great performance.

my heart just made a noise that sounded like awesome.
I am kinda dubious of such wonderful news...could this really happen?
I hope this is true. As for who this Kevin Pennington is playing, I'm thinking Wendell Vaughn, a SHIELD agent who becomes the Cosmic Avenger, Quasar.
I can't really see Nathan as Hank Pym, but if this rumor is true, cool that he and Joss get to work together again.

Are they gonna make Fillion dye his hair blonde ? Pym's usually a blonde, isn't he ? He has been in the three incarnations I've seen him in (some Marvel comics--although truth be told, I'm not a big Avengers reader...always saw the Iron Man/Captain America/Thor trifecta as much cheesier in comparison to any other team or individual character book in the Marvel Universe--the two Ultimate Avengers animated films, and a few episodes of the Avengers cartoon from I-can't-remember-what-year, 1999 or 2000, I think). Jessica Alba didn't suit being a blonde in the Fantastic Four film (only saw the first one), but then, she didn't suit the role of Sue Storm period. I know hair color/style is really no big deal (Whedon actor example: folks mourned Morena Baccarin's locks, but her pixie cut works for her and it's a major asset in the look of "Anna" on V, IMO. Some folks didn't like Alyson Hannigan's shorter cuts when playing Willow, as another), but I can't see Nate as a blonde.

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Has Joss been officially announced yet?
So, Joss may be directing and Nathan Fillion may be in the cast? Has Marvel been taken over by Whedonites while no one was watching? This is *so* too good to... well, I've never been a fan of the Avengers' comics, so there's that. *crosses fingers very, very hard*
Whoever that guy is, he's incredibly pretty though in a pouty way. I can't figure out who he'd possibly be though... Chase Stein? Jimmy Woo gone white? Plus factually I find it all a little dubious in light of the fact this guy's IMDB credits somehow being a multi-episode arc as a guest star on the 90210 remake yet he wasn't credited?

Anyway though, yay for the idea that Joss is sneaking more friends aboard the series! I wonder what Fillion as Hank Pym might mean for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie though?

I mean I'm well aware that Fillion's pretty good at drama and comedy but I have a little trouble reconciling the idea that in the film series they would probably go with heavier drama for the Avengers yet allow the same actor/character to play slightly goofier (presumably) for a solo film. Granted I guess there could be multiple Giant/Ant-men.
I'm not sold on Nathan as Pym, but then again, I won't believe this until I see it officialized. Regarding the hair colour issue, though, Avengers already has two blondes (Steve Rogers and Thor), both of whom are more iconic, so I could see them casting Pym with darker hair just to help less familiar viewers tell them all apart outside of costume.
Getting Joss on your project means 9 times out of 10 the ol' posse will be following closely in tow. I figured Fillion would be in the discussion once they announced Joss, but I guess we'll see. Joss'd probably write more comedy for Fillion to do. I think it could work!
Nate's charisma is exactly why he would make a good "Hank Pym, Wife Beater".
For those wondering, Nathan as Pym wouldn't disrupt Edgar Wright's movie because, as far as I know, the main character in that is Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man.
While I'd love to see Nathan in anything, so many fanboys will be crying foul and complaining that Whedon only casts his friends. I think Fillion will have a harder time proving himself to the hardcore Avengers fans, but I am sure that he is up to the task if this happens.
The most recent characterisation of Hank Pym (as the Wasp in Mighty Avengers) seems almost to have been written for Fillion to play. He'd be perfect. And he doesn't have to do anything with his hair.
"Jimmy Woo"!! orangewaxlion you win everything. Atlas comes out this week and I am proper psyched about it.
Daylight you nailed it. Nathan would own the part of Hank Pym.


Over on IMDB A question about Morena Baccarin playing the Wasp in the Avengers

Movie, the Wife of Hank. This would be a righteous and fitting duo. Firefly Love.

Check out this Marvel Picture of the Wasp and see what you think

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I have trouble believing any of these rumors (Nathan's role, much less Joss as director), but I wouldn't worry about 'Avengers' conflicting with 'Castle'; it isn't like Hank Pym would be a major character with a lot of screen time.... I sure hope that the rumors are true, I'm just afraid to get my hopes up.
all this talk had made me decide I have to start reading the avengers again. I'll go check out mighty avengers to begin.
I missed the back up strips in Incredible Hercules, I had no idea they were so intent on Agents of Atlas that they were going to relaunch it a third time? It never really occurred to me before that Jimmy Woo existed, but I was so surprised and pleased to see that they managed to take a surprisingly progressive ethnic character from the 50s and then still completely rehabilitate and integrate him into the current context.

Also it never occurred to me that Scott Lang existed. I was aware of Cassie Lang but not so much anything about her dad other than that time he exploded. I sort of would have expected Wright to want to deal with Pym or Eric O'Grady...

Also okelay, I never really did read the Avengers but Mighty Avengers with Pym/Wasp leading it was great fun. Then again I guess that might be everything of or affiliated with the Incredible Herc.
I am wondering if Kevin Pennigton will play Rick Jones, who was around a lot with the original Avengers, or a new version thereof. Rick Jones led the Teen Brigade and that would seem cheesy for the movie - so it would make sense to just go for the agent of SHIELD thing instead.
daylight | May 15, 16:19 CET

The most recent characterisation of Hank Pym (as the Wasp in Mighty Avengers) seems almost to have been written for Fillion to play. He'd be perfect. And he doesn't have to do anything with his hair.


Does the most recent characterisation of Hank Pym include wife beater?

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I haven't read much of the Avengers since Wasp married Yellowjacket.
See, I'd think he'd be an ill fit for Dr. Pym but an awesomely epic Hawkeye. Unfortunately because of the X-Men movies, they can't use the Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver, which makes me sad because the Scarlet Witch is someone I've always thought of as an Avenger despite Bendis' character rape.
Anonymous1 - that's certainly in his history, his greatest regret. But a robotic duplicate of his wife beats him up too...

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