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May 14 2010

Felicia Day bows out of Supanova Australia. Due to scheduling conflicts, Felicia has pulled out of the Sydney/Perth Supanova Expo.

However, her visit will be rescheduled for 2011. In the meantime, Supanova will be finding a 'suitable replacement' but doesn't clarify whether he/she will be a Whedonverse star. Fingers crossed!

Well, now I have a sad.
This makes me sad too. But we'll still get to see Eliza, Tahmoh and Charisma! :)
It's a real shame, but these things happen. It's such a time commitment to come out here for two events, a week apart, with travel either side. But yay! Our girl is busy working, so there's something to look forward to.

I'm sure they'll try to get another Whedon guest - if only to justify the hugely expensive Whedonverse Experience ticket!
Fe;icia annouced this via twitter the other day which made me sad. However, (after visiting Supernova's site) I realised Eliza, Charisma and Tahmoh would be yayayay!

Hey Jenski...are you coming up to Sydney? We must organise a shindig!
nixygirl, I'm heading up to Sydney (we're bringing the Melbourne Browncoats booth to Supanova to help support CSTS Sydney) and I'm staying with Di & Bren, so we should definitely plan a shindig! Email me. :)

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