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November 22 2003

Award-winning British author a Buffy fan? I just finished "Not The End Of The World" by best-selling, award-winning British author Kate Atkinson.

It's packed with Buffy references.

There's a mention of Buffy in almost every one of the stories, and they're not just throwaway pop-culture mentions either, they obviously come from someone who knows the show well, for instance two characters are talking about multiple personalities at one point, and they mention Wishverse!Willow, the Buffybot and Ben/Glory.

I'm very pleased that one of my favourite authors is apparently a fan of my favourite show.

even the title is a semi-buffy reference, i would think. from the end of "Doomed"
Oh Kate A is clearly a real media skiffy freak, she used to write a column for local rag Scotland on Sunday in which she constantly speculated about whether Mulder's nose was getting longer each episode.. it does not surprise me at all to find she's into Buffy. She's a real English ecentric - I hope I can meet her proerly some time. (her other books are great too BTW.)
I've just finished reading this as it sure is full of Buffy references. In an interview I read somewhere, she says she is a big fan of the show and one of the books next to her bed is 'The Watchers Guide', which she always has a read of to cheer her up and give her inspiration.

She has been my favourite author since I read her first novel and now she is a fan of my favourite TV show too - a good combo methinks!

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