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May 15 2010

Season 4 of Buffy finally on iTunes! Maybe 5 through 7 and Angel are finally on their way to the store as well?

Season 5 up now as well! Still no Angel but things are looking up.

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Could this mean Hulu may get Season 4 as well?
They need to make the Radio Sunnydale soundtrack available as well. Just sayin'...
So I have all the DVD's in individual seasons and box sets...:(
Is it worth $30 per season for all the METADATA?

I hope the right people are getting my cash...
Are they the widescreen versions as aired in the UK, or the framed versions as aired in the US?
Ah, just checked. They're widescreen according to the previews on iTunes.
I just downloaded "Restless" and checked against DVD side by side. They are widescreen!

weird...also..."Previously on Buffy"
I don't know how I feel about the widescreen being available. Joss didn't want us to see the show that way.
As for Angel, I just saw that some episodes of season 1 are available on Hulu and, and they're in widescreen ! The show looks really better that way, I don't know why they didn't release season 1 that way (Joss had nothing against Angel in widescreen).
No, but as i recolect, Minear had. Or am i miss-remembering?
Doesn't Angel's reflection poke his sneaky head in at some point during Angel S1 in widescreen?
@Jaymii I don't know for sure about season 1, but on the season 2 widescreen dvd's there is one time in particular when they are walking through a gym full of mirrors (I think it was the first episode) and there is a pretty hilarious shot of Angel ducking out of shot and then joining in with the others.

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