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May 16 2010

'The Cape's' Summer Glau: "Call me Pashmina." Zap2it gets a couple of words in with Summer Glau about her upcoming show - currently slated to premiere sometime mid-season - early preview clips of which may be found here.

"We joke because I'm sort of his sidekick that he's going to have to call me 'Pashmina' or something ... or 'Mini Cape' ... 'Shawl.'"

Interesting bit of trivia I discovered when I saw something about 'The Cape' the other day, there was another TV drama called 'The Cape' in the 90s that starred Adam Baldwin.

This show looks like it could be fun, although comparisons to 'Heroes' makes me wary. More Summer Glau is always good though and I hope it is a success for her.
Didn't Heroes just feature 'carnival fiends' in the final season?

Didn't Heroes just feature 'carnival fiends' in the final season?

Which is why the linked article mentions that fact. ;)
The clips might not be much to go by, but it looks kinda bland. Doesn't seem from the clips to be gripping or funny, and the characters and dialog don't seem to pop in any particular way. The show could turn out to be better than what the clips reveal, but based on the clips I can't say I'm intrigued. Where's the magic? For example, while Heroes did turn out to suck in the long run, there's no denying the instant charm of Hiro Nakamura in the pilot. That's the kind of magic I'm talking about. Or for another example, I saw a clip the other day of the first five minutes of Steven Moffat's 2007 miniseries "Jekyll". I've yet to see the show, but those five minutes made me really want to. It was intense, gripping, an instant "I have to see what happens next" type of thing. These are very different kinds of magic, and I suppose that's my point. The magic can vary a lot, and be of different levels of complexity, but when there is none...why bother? And if there is magic, why not put it in the clips?
Sorry, that was a completely pointless rant.
I've got to agree with you on the blandness of these clips and can't help wondering what motivated them to go with such a mash-up of segments given the nature and plot of the show itself (full disclosure - I had the chance to read the pilot's script cover to cover more than a month ago and have a pretty good idea what to expect.)

Without getting too spoilery, the thing which interested me most about the story in general is the way it takes common superhero tropes - like the use of a cape - which have become total cultural cliches and actually re-introduces them in a more realistic, more authentic context (case in point, David Lyon's The Cape is actually quite aptly named given the... multi-faceted role that particular object plays in his routine activities.)

I was also taken by how well it managed to present a believable scenario in which a totally likable, upright good guy is forced - by circumstances outside his control - to become the very thing he hates (a bonafide criminal as well as a wanted fugitive) and then - as backlash - to resort to living what is essentially a double life of petty criminal by day, costumed vigilante battling ideological villainy by night - a particular sort of multi-level character inversion I can't say I've seen before, and am still very intrigued by (also, reading segments involving the infamous Chess just kept reminding me of this guy - in a good way.)

Update: Again, regarding why these particular clips? - I wouldn't be surprised if these are just what they had lying around on short notice from the cutting room floor that they deemed wouldn't be too spoiler-heavy. I expect/hope that better, more illustrative promos will be forthcoming. also, strictly on the Summer Glau front, based - again - on my reading of the script, if you'd been offered the part that she was I guarantee that you would've taken it in a heartbeat - That's all I'm saying. ;)

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Summer's enough for me to watch at least the first few and the premise could work, depends on the approach. Not watched the clips and likely won't, there doesn't seem any need since the show itself will be on in a few months (or a year at the outside) and clips/trailers are usually either unrepresentative or spoilerish anyway IMO.
Let's not make cruel comparations. Instead of Heroes, we could remember Misfits :)
After Happy Town 1.cancellation, we really can use some good news.

ETA: I loved Kick-Ass.

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