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May 17 2010

Original artwork from Buffy Season 8 and Fray for sale. If you have the spare cash you can buy Karl Moline and Georges Jeanty's Buffyverse artwork. Prices range from $40 to $3500.

I’d love to buy a couple of those pages but they’re pretty pricey!
Really are. But then it's more for collectors than fans. And you should see the prices for John Cassaday's Astonishing X-men artwork!
Great pieces for the collection, but those prices truly are insane.
Ahh, if only I weren't completely poor!

Anyone else notice that the Twilight symbol is different? Must be an earlier design.
George Jeanty often goes to conventions (he's usually at Dragon*Con). I've gotten some color panels (extras--covers) from him for $20 a piece--signed. He's truly a lovely man and meeting him just makes the artwork more special.

So, if you do cons--see if they are there. I know Georges, at least, carries his extras for sale and $20 for a full color (usually a cover), signed print? Awesome.
Moline's pages are from "ToYL" though, not "Fray". Some very nice pages from both of them. And Georges tweeted a while back that he recently got original pages back from Issues #26-30, so if anyone wants pages from those books, shoot him an e-mail.
I bought a couple pages from Andy Owens at a convention 2 years ago. I paid $100 for an awesome "non-splash" page. Its a one page origin of the slayers re-cap.

I asked Andy if he would do a Buffy sketch for me in my sketchbook. He said he would not. Disappointed, I graciously asked why he wouldn't since I saw him doing lots of sketches earlier. He said it takes him "a really long time to get SMG's likeness right but would I like a kickass Batman instead?" I said yes thanks and he drew (and inked!) and awesome headshot of Bats.
Thanks for pointing that out, Simon. :)
Going through those... they are very moderately priced, IMO, the Fray pages that is.
Is that really what these kind of things go for? I have a friend who did inks on the original run of Buffy and gave me two prints and then autographed the actual comic as well. Prized possession!

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