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May 17 2010

Online comic Unshelved references Serenifly. Unshelved creators give a nod to Firefly as well as 2 other big SF fandoms.

I get the comic every day but probably didn't get the references because I've never been in the fandoms :( Can someone elaborate on what the references were to, ie which fandoms?
Not sure about the first one but the two in the middle are Star Trek and Star Wars.
I don't think the first one is a reference. He's just asking if they like the selection.
Yes, the guy asking is Dewey- the teen librarian at the Mallville library where the comic takes place. Unshelved has had a lot of Whedon references over the years.
I hope they do again, I'd love to see them.

AND, I wasn't looking too closely at the comic on here this morning or I'd have gotten the references from the outfits.


The first two at least.

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It looks like it might be a week long theme. Tuesday's continues the conversation.

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