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May 17 2010

Terra Nova, a new drama from David Fury and Steven Spielberg "yet to earn slot" on Fox's fall schedule. It's a time-traveling drama back to prehistoric earth from executive producers Steven Spielberg, Peter Chernin, Brannon Braga and David Fury.

I can't for the life of me understand how Brannan Braga keeps landing such plum jobs on TV.
I wondered what he was doing after 24. The show reminds me of Primeval for some reason.
I think the reason may be that they sound pretty similar ;).

(though lots of things do in one line summary)

I'm assuming this is more like "A Sound of Thunder: The Series". Which makes it about as appealing as a "Primeval" remake. Probably still give it a chance though, i'm a sucker for time-travel stories.

ETA: Oh and good to see "Lie to Me" is coming back, it was on thin ice for a while from what I understand.

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Except it really isn't on the schedule anywhere. I doubt it will be on this fall unless Good Guys or Lie To Me ratings fall off a cliff over the Summer.
Yeah, the article specifically says it's NOT going to be on in the fall, but some yet-to-be-determined slot in the spring.
Edited link title for reasons just pointed out.
Fox always announces two grids in upfronts, something valid for the fall, and a tentative line-up for mid-season.
For a few years, they kept considering Bones shift to Friday during the early announcement, until last year when it became a hit and tent pole for their Thursday programming.

It's the only new-thing that looks interesting for me among new stuff Fox announced, but more for creative team involved, that the concept or description.
Ever since the news first come out about this show I've been pretty excited. Some fun time-travel dino drama - and the last I heard Kyle Chandler was pretty much locked as the male lead so that makes it even more awesome.
Slot announced, link here
Sorry, Frick there is no actual timeslot announced in that link either. FOX doesn't know where they are going to place the show yet.
Check again, no mention of it in the timeslots for Fall or Midseason.
I read that Spielberg specifically asked for the 24 writers, which I guess is nice for David Fury.
Does that mean this is going to be real-time too ? Cos i'm not sure I have 85 million years free on my calendar.

(the blurb on that other link makes it sound like "Lost in Space[-time]" which could be interesting, if done well and updated properly)
I just hope Spielberg doesn't adopt 24's no women writers nonsense.
I read that Spielberg specifically asked for the 24 writers

Probably it will have a dinossaur avoiding the meteor extinction
! Was that seriously a policy on 24, TamaraC?
Not a policy (that I know of) but there were never any women writers on the show and the showrunner was questioned about it. He said the show didn't need women writers. Umm... Ok...

That is why Kim Bauer was Kim Bauer. Enough said.
Dollhouse being paired with 24 was funny. Except in the way it wasn't.

The fact this doesn't have a timeslot isn't a good sign, really.
Mm. So, technically more of a mindset - anything more formal could possibly have left them open to charges of discrimination, I'd guess? But, in practice, basically the same thing, it sounds like. Any little remnant of the feeling that "Maybe I should've checked 24 out a little more" seems to be melting away....

Thanks for the reply/details!

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