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May 17 2010

Trailer for Summer Glau's new NBC show, The Cape. Airs midseason next spring.

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Quite liking this. It looks like the best type of crazy although I am curious of the format its going to take, it looks like it will be something akin to Fringe, with its overarching mythology that never over-takes its procedural elements too much.
I like this trailer so much better than the Glau-less one making the rounds yesterday. :)
It's actually airing next spring.

And I am so pumped.
I think this looks amazing, and with Supernatural ending soon I need a new show to watch :D
That looks incredibly cheesy and like something that I would love. Can't wait!

Also, did anyone else feel like they were watching a trailer for a movie? Because I really did.
Looks like fun, I'l give it a shot :).
Oh wow. That was awesome. Oh wow.

I was not expecting that. I suddenly cannot wait for this show.
1) Summer is hot.
2) Looks really bad, in the best possible way. Can't wait. Reminds me of The Punisher.
This trailer was a LOT better than the previous clips, but that kid already annoys me. Lets hope this show has potential for longevity, for Summer's sake. (and Keith David! Whoo, cool to see him again!)
Also not what I expected. After watching that, it looks like a show I'd follow even if Summer wasn't in it. Since she is... icing! Excited.
That looks alright. Nothing special, though.
The Allegri caught me off guard - been singing it for years and never expected to here it somewhere like that.
I am so looking forward to this now! And I agree very much with what Arison said; this really does feel like a movie trailer! Can't wait 'till it comes out! =D
Not quite sure what to make of this yet. The concept sounds really interesting and I like the "Batman Begins"-esque way the cape works, but some aspects (the carnival, the little person fighting Vinnie Jones) seem a bit iffy. But either way I'll tune in, because...come on...Summer!
No thanks. I like my comic-booky hero types less cheesy on the outside.
Looks different, but good different. Got a bit of a Kickass vibe too it that I like, plus its got Summer in, so gotta be worth trying out!
WAIT! How did I miss that the main guy in this is David Lyons? I love him!
Summer Glau gets to do full-body acting. All is good.
This looks AWESOME. Big budget, interesting story, kickass action, Summer *<3<3<3* and of course, Keith David, who I know from his impeccable voice acting in games like Mass Effect and Dissidia. Great to see him in live-action.
Looks amazing. I was already excited, but now I can't wait. That kid is one bad actor, though. His clips make me cringe. Especially the one that was released the other day. I think the rest of the good will make up for one bad though. Summer is looking beautiful, as always. Her role looks so neat; Playing with hologram/touch computers!! And she had some great dialogue, it seemed. I really cannot wait, like I said before. ^^
I want to get my hopes up but I'm afraid they won't be able to continue with that budget, or if they do the show will be short lived.
Okay, it's looking better than the clips. Still not convinced it won't be another Smallville though. But I might give it a chance.
This video won't load for me. Is it on youtube yet?
It won't load for me either! Tried all day yesterday too.

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All I need to know is, does Summer Glau's character sell her soul as well?

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