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May 17 2010

Liza Lapira to star in Fox's Mixed Signals. Dollhouse's Ivy is coming back to Fox! Now with a trailer!

Now there is a trailer, 3rd one down:

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Yay. Liza = win.
Also starring in the show is Nelson Franklin, who was in 2 episodes of "Dollhouse" in S2.
Added a video. It looks hilarious.
I really like the look of this show and I think the BBC might pick it up over here because it features an actor from their long-running sitcom. He left the show years ago (or something, I don't watch My Family) and has been doing BT adverts so its pretty awesome to see him getting a proper gig again.

Also, Liza is awesome.
There's also a promo for Shawn Ryan's Ride-Along, which looks interesting.

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