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May 17 2010

AfterEllen Hot 100. Eliza Dushku, Christina Hendricks, and Alyson Hannigan make the list.

Alyson is hotter than Christina and Eliza!
that picture of Eliza got me all hot and bothered. *fans myself*
good list all around. but i'd put Eliza higher than 29.
Interesting top few. Was completely was thrown off by the presence of Lily Loveless and Kat Prescott. It's always nice to see the terrific Skins (and its cast) getting known outside of the UK. I also find it amusing how one twin is so high up and the other is leaning towards the end. I mean, I can probably pick them apart (especially with their voices) but damn - I'd call them identical. Kaya is also there!

I actually have a real thang for a lot of these girls. About 80% of that list I agree with the hotness.
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