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May 17 2010

Friends with Benefits trailer, with Fran. Does what it says on the tin.

It's sad, he looks good in the role.

Really disappointed that he's being recast. I don't see his performance as being "too big" at all. If anything, it's more subtle than most of Season 1 Topher.
Yeah, he was actually really good.

That being said, this does actually look a good show... humor, drama, sex, and the cliched group of friends that, no matter of often it's done, works well (I mean, hey, cliches are cliches for a reason, right?).
I would have only watched this ever because of Fran - and now I see no point.

Fran looks totally perfect and spot on in this - again, I marvel at NBC and the perceived "bigness" of Fran.

Well, which I am actually not buying at all - that's probably just the network version of "We've decided to go in a different direction" firing babble-speak of the corporate world.

Based on that ad, I would not have watched that show.
Yeah, I think if I didn't have the prior knowledge that Fran is leaving, I'd be a lot more excited for the show. But it still has Ryan Hansen (from "Veronica Mars" and "Party Down") who's always funny and the guys behind "(500) Days of Summer" (which I loved) are behind it. It looks like it has a lot of potential. I just hope whoever they recast Fran with is equally good.
The trailer looked okay, but nothing to get too excited about. I was never a Topher fan so I can be pretty objective in saying that he did really well in the role and I'm disappointed in NBC's decision. I probably won't be watching, but Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars) seems to be sexy and charming in his role.
Does not look funny. Even with Fran. I won't be watching.
Did not recognize Ryan Hansen at first without his signature (at least to me) hair. The show seems alright, but it's not something I would actively seek out to watch.
I thought Fran was the funniest part :-\
Doesn't seem like a hit with or without Fran.

Love that Jessica Lucas is still being called Riley though.
I think that Fran's performance was right on the money considering the dialogue that was written. But this does confirm what I'd been thinking: I would have no desire to tune in now that Fran isn't in it.
@didifallasleep I was thinking the same thing! All I kept thinking was... so she moved out of Melrose Place and went to Chicago?
Fran was the best part of that.
The whole show looked unfunny and frankly, written over the top. Wouldn't watch if you paid me. Fran can do better.
My sentiments have been expressed here already. Meh. Fran seems so cute in this role too, which is a shame. It's their loss, IMO.
Fran was good. and I would've watched the show for him, but now I have no interest in it. it looks kinda ...meh.
I'm not a big fan of Ryan Hansen and I did like (500) days of summer but based on the trailer, I'm not even remotely convinced.
Yeah, that. As much as I love VM, Ryan Hansen and that brunette I don't know of seemed pretty obnoxious. I suppose this isn't a show I would have had much interest in anyway, but I thought Fran was the most believable part of that clip. You can probably color me biased, but I really was trying to be objective! He was charming, I thought. :(
Not being a judgemental fanboi, I'll watch the show. I'll only come to the determination on whether or not the show is worthy of my patronage AFTER I've watched the show. Then again, I'm always right and you're only wrong if you disagree with me.
Something on your mind, mangydog?
So this time Topher got to be the least morally repugnant character and he got the axe. Maybe having to wait one whole episode before the guy who believes in love and romance decides to cave was too much for NBC executives.
I kept looking for the 'too big' factor and couldn't find it. Fran was good in this role. Happily, however, he will move onto bigger and better things. And sometime soon, hopefully.
I probably wouldn't have watched this even for Fran. Which is saying a lot, because I really love him, my favorite new addition to the Whedonverse.
Can't imagine what their problem was, he was adorable and hardly "too big". Maybe because he's cuter and has more presence than the lead role guy? (Don't know if they really do that kind of thing or not, just an observation). ;)
Yeah, I think both the other male characters were better then the lead guy. Oh well, let's see what's next for Fran.
Holy crap, hes like playing me too.

Well a tv friendly version of me, but the same romantic values only hes apparently money loaded.

I wonder who they will recast him with.
Count me in as "meh". And also "why exactly was Fran fired?". I don't get what problem anybody could have had with his performance there. But whatever.
As sad as I am for Fran, I am also glad I don't have to sit through an actual episode of this, because that's completely not my cuppa tea. Here's to hoping he finds something better soon.
If you want to see "too big", watch Fran's character in The TV Set. Fran played that so well.

I think Fran would've been the scene stealer in this show. Such a shame, I hope he finds new work soon.
Well, he did a good job. But I really think the show looks like a DUD, really nothing a bit clever in that trailer.
With Fran, I would have watched. He did fine, honestly. Great, even. He's a good actor and would have stood out on the pilot if I had never seen Dollhouse. Now there's no chance I'll follow this, I might stay on it flipping through the channels but I mostly watch my tv on dvd and if I have trouble finding the time to watch sitcoms I love on tv like HIMYM, The Office or Modern Damily I'm not watching this without Fran no matter how good it is. Whatever, not that it matters but they lost one possible dvd buyer.

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