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"That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did."
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November 23 2003

First post wedding pics of Alexis and Alyson who were at the Comedy Central's First Ever Awards Show "The Commies" last night (and you can see the pics in larger format).

And there's pics of the absolutely stunning Alyson Hannigan at the event here.

like these pics :)
Ooh, Alyson got an award. Nifty! And the pics are absolutely adorable...
Does she ever look bad? hee! I think she and Alexis Denisof make a beautiful couple!
"Ooh, Alyson got an award. Nifty! And the pics are absolutely adorable... " - wren

I think she might be presenting the award. You can't really tell, though.
I just hope the two of them don't get the idea of filming a sequel to Gigli.
Lovely pics of a lovely couple. And no I don't think Alyson CAN look bad. Anyone ever notice how every single guy on Buffy, from Joss and the male actors to the male writers and directors ALL have droolingly commented on her just being the 'most adorable thing alive'? Hehe, I think she stole some thunder from other actresses on there....

But what's really funny in this article is the LAST shot. On page 2. Check it out. It's a woman who is clearly not Alyson and is on the wrong page. Except in the text it describes her as "ACTRESS Alexis Denisof".

I think someone got confused.
Now if he can just convince her to appear on Angel a bit I will be very happy ;)
I agree, I only like 2 ep last season and one of these was "Orpheus" :)

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