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May 17 2010

First look at the "Big Damn Hero" River Tam maquette. According to a QMx Insider tweet, "Our BDH maquettes differ from the Little Damn Heroes by offering larger statues with more detail in a more traditional Anime style".

"Morbid and creepifyin' I got no problem with, as long as she does it quietly."

The "River Triumphant" Statue had a pile of dead Reavers, but less blood, IMO. Still, this QMx one's kind of a cool statue, if you like this kind of thing :).
Very good, though it doesn't look like her, which I guess is ok to some comic book fans who accept non-likenesses as part of the whole comic book world. Not that this is a comic book, but the same defeatist attitude pervades.

If they wanted to make it look like summer, it needs more forehead, different eyebrows, different nose...
Okay, I'm not the statue buying type, but If the price is reasonable (less than my car is worth) I may just have to become the statue buying type.
I think they priced it at 60 bucks.
Loving everything but the hair. The color looks too plastic compared to the other colors.
It's not supposed to "look like her". It's an interpretation.
Me. Want. :P
I like it, except the blood kind of ruins the piece. actually pretty cool.
So is this the nail in the coffin for the LDH series?
I was getting the impression the set would never near completion.
Don't forget to save up for the Tonner Doll version of Mal, debuting in only 4 days!

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