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May 17 2010

High Def Digest reviews Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray. The 'movie' receives a perfect 5/5 star review and the audio is considered decent, sadly the video is lackluster.

Hm. I've been waiting for the Blu-Ray. But I guess I'll get the DVD now. At least then all my friends can watch it too. :)
I always wondered how a show created for streaming over internet (though probably with a DVD in mind) can be adjusted for Blu-Ray. Does anyone know if the equipment used to film Dr. Horrible was good enough to upgrade to high definition TV?
Don't quote me on this, but I seem to recall from production photos that they were shooting on film. I'd also assume so since Joss has implied DH season two was his first time on digital. But I'm not 100% about that.
As long as it was shot in digital HD or on film, it's fine, and it apparently was. The only time something can't have a Blu-ray version is if it was shot on SD videotape or, I believe, 8mm film (it's got to be 16mm or more for HD as far as I know, unless I'm wrong - does anyone know the answer to this?). It wouldn't be 'upgraded' to HD anyway, it would simply be equal to or downgraded from the master. For example, Dr. Horrible's DVD and internet transfers would've been downgrades from the master, with the Blu-ray being either equal to the master or possibly just less of a downgrade.
Does anyone know if the equipment used to film Dr. Horrible was good enough to upgrade to high definition TV?

It was discussed here.
"Hm. I've been waiting for the Blu-Ray. But I guess I'll get the DVD now." No! Don't do that. The reviewers knew full-well that Dr. Horrible was shot on a shoe-string budget, so you can guarantee that they felt compelled to say it didn't look great in HD or else their peers in the tech world would have chided them for being easily satisfied.

More important is whether it looks better than the DVD, and, it likely does! And for only $11, I'm going to find out.

I'll get the Guild in HD too, if they can afford to get it out on Blu.
That is a weirdly angry review... even if it is still suggesting people buy it and that they actually really love the final product. Granted, I suppose by the job they had to watch everything where as I just skipped the [fan] special features I thought wouldn't be particularly interesting.

(I did remember liking both commentary tracks though, and technically Commentary the Musical did have a handful of surprisingly well timed moments... I mean even beyond "depressing shot!"
The world of high definition reviewing is so incredibly snarky, you have to take everything with a grain of salt unless you find someone you can really trust. That being said, unless your a real a/v-phile you most likely won't notice anything apart from it being "better than the DVD" so I'm definitely getting it. I mean, its not like we're going to get anything better, is it?
Then I have to ponder the benefit of (slightly?) higher quality against the lack of Blu Ray compatibility among my friends.

Hey, you're not trying to make me buy both, are you? :D
Thanks hacksaway, as I was totally about to be stupid enough to repeat all that instead of linking to it like you did!

In short: DrH was shot on HD, at the highest RESOLUTION used regularly, especially 2 years ago. But it was shot at the lowest COLOR SPACE used regularly, which is where you'll get a lot of the compression and color artifacts other than whatever they did to get it onto the Blu-Ray. According to this reviewer I was correct in my assumption that a Blu-Ray release wouldn't improve the visual experience of DrH. The good news is, the show is still awesome!

Break_Atmo, you are essentially correct in your statements, There is some subjectivity there, but not enough to disagree with for this discussion. The only thing I'll argue for the sake of arguing is that you could absolutely make a Blu-Ray from a SD source, but it will degrade the image, not improve it. Think about when you play a DVD on a HD TV, same effect. And yes, I know some people have great upconverters, I have yet to see a DVD on HD TV that I wouldn't rather see on a SD TV.

By the by: 1920x1080, regardless of what the shooting format was, is the highest resolution available for an HD TV. So even though DH season 1 was shot on 35, with a theoretical 4k scan available, it will still be no more than 1920x1080 on your TV. Just like Baraka's 8k scan of 70mm and DrH's 1920x1080 shooting format. Now, Baraka looks way better than DrH, which is why I try to point out that resolution isn't the end of the story, it's just the manufacturers who will try to convince you of that.

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No Emmy Easter Egg? Out of interest, does that Dr Horrible Emmy skit footage belong to The Emmys or Joss, Jed, Maurissa and Zack?
Either way, don't tell YouTube ;).
For the price, I honestly don't care if it looks any better than the DVD did. I'm buying it as much to show my support as to own an "upgrade" over the DVD.

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