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"You give it up for the Yorkie?"
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May 17 2010

Felicia Day is interviewed on The Mortified Shoebox Show. Felicia Day shares embarrassing poetry and pictures from her past.

She was a geek as a teenager. SURPRISE!

Hilarious. Gotta love her.
Embrace the fail, not surprisingly, is my motto.
that was amazing. little felicia. almost makes me wish i was home schooled and spent my time writing video game poetry and letters to my senator. almost.
"I was expressing how smart I was, I think . . .". Brilliant. Love her.
I've been waiting to see those pics for a while now!!

She mentioned it a while ago and said it'd be in an interview she filmed (which makes me think this was filmed a long time ago and only posted now). And I just knew it'd be something awesome, haha.

Felicia is adorable. =)
That is some serious awesome-sauce.
I've been charmed by Felicia since day one. An incredible actress and person, I'm certainly looking forward to her future roles.

And Felicia, you still look hot in mother's pants.
I found it awkward to watch, but in the best way possible. :D
Felicia keeps saying that earlier in life she wishes she had taken more risks, failed more, and done less well in school. However, all of those things helped shape her into the person and actor she is today. Considering the present awesomeness, things turned out just fine, IMHO.
Felicia's "lack of structure" led her to be the "self-motivated" person she is. So one could say homeschooling helped her in that aspect. It certainly helped her grades. I would have loved to have more "A"s in college.

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