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May 17 2010

Felicia Day and James Marsters to appear at FanExpo convention in Toronto. Felicia Day and James Marsters are announced guests at the FanExpo convention in Toronto, Ontario from August 27th to 29th, 2010.

They will be appearing as part of the Sci-Fi part of the convention (though James is listed with the horror guests as well).

Excellent! For you lucky souls attending, please ask James on his thoughts of "Caprica".
Yay! I been to the event for the last few years and they usually have someone from a Whedon show. Glad they got James Marsters this year. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him. Should be good times!
I had the chance to see/meet James when he was last at FanExpo in Toronto in 2005...and I've been hoping he'd make his way back north of the border again at some point because it was a great experience! This is great news!

Plus Felicia? Huzzah!
A week after James' birthday? Me thinks there will be fan gifts. lol
With any luck, I'll actually be able to make it to this. The whole convention sounds like it'll be a good one.
@Mirage - There were definitely fan gifts last time he was at FanExpo in I think you're right - it's a safe bet!

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