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May 18 2010

The Big Bang Theory references Firefly. A link to the reference from last night's episode.

*sniff* Ah, Shelly, no need to see how you reacted when FOX happened. We know all too well ;)
My favorite part of that was the "awww" reaction from the audience. Lots of genuine disappointment in the knowledge of Firefly's fate there.
I so need to catch up! I still haven't even seen the first Firefly reference (about two episodes from it) so I'm not going to spoil myself the awesomeness of this one either. This one sounds like a good'en - can't wait!
A little light for the front page, but fun :).
I tried to post this last night but apparently without an actual video to show it was pulled. Glad someone got it up on youtube.
I had to watch it twice. The audience's reaction to the joke is priceless.
awwww, indeed. it was nice but also a bit cruel.
Is this a fake laugh track, or do they show it in front of a real audience to capture their actual laughs?

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Zeitgeist - you guys always say "front page" there another page?
@shnoods, they film in front of a live audience, but they can obviously meddle around with what the audience sounds like and fill in blank spaces - I don't think they do much of that on TBBT though.
@shnoods: There is a studio audience, but it's likely also "enhanced" with a laugh track.
missmuffet, indeed. In fact, there are (2) other Whedonesque pages.

We have The Library on flickr, for discussion about any random topic one might want to raise, and for posting pictures;

and then there's for more structured conversations about all manner of TV shows, movies, books, and other fandom things that aren't quite Whedon-y enough for the front page.

No, I'm not Zeitgeist, but we do share a birthday. :-)
You've a similar hue too so you must be related, stands to reason.

Re: TBBT, ouch, I actually felt that one a bit (my response was pretty similar to the audience's). A shout's a shout though I guess and Sheldon's absolute off-hand certainty made me smile.
I'm glad this is up at youtube (I hope it isn't taken down) because I really laughed a lot when Sheldon said that. I love the Firefly references, but then I love all the sci-fi and comic book references! These guys are real fans and it makes sense that they talk about it (don't we all?).
The great thing about sharing a birthday is that if we decide to each use it in alternating years, we only age HALF as quickly! Right?
I think that's exactly how it works (in fact*, you share it with, like, 18 million other people which means - assuming you're less than 9 million - you're both actually minus years old. This is maths and therefore beyond contestation).

* -ish
Yeah! I came here last night hoping someone would post a clip! It is worth watching again & again & again....
SoddingNancyTribe Holy crap! How did I not know this? Wow. Well thanks for the info!! :)
I saw this last night and my first inclination was "awwww," followed by bittersweet laughter. I'm glad they didn't show his reaction to its cancellation, it might have been too hard to watch.
My very first upload to youtube and it gets linked to from the Black :) I saw the initial post, and then later saw it was deleted for no relevent page, So I sushed out how to edit/convert my DVR'd recording. I'm glad some one found the video.

Quite funny, in bitter sweet fashion. I have a feeling the audience may have been prepped before hand as to firefly's fate.

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It's like being stabbed in the heart all over again, but in a good way.
Cute reference, and I did like it, but am I the only one who noticed that the timing was off? Firefly premiered in 2002, the episode was ostensible set now, in 2010, and Leonard said he moved in 'seven years ago'. Oops. Small mistake, but one of the best things about TBBT is how it gets all these much appreciated references right. If they can have Sheldon sit in the hall playing Super Mario 64 on his laptop via emulation and get all the sound effects right, this should've been cake.
I laughed... But with a sharp pain in my heart...
Cute reference, and I did like it, but am I the only one who noticed that the timing was off? Firefly premiered in 2002, the episode was ostensible set now, in 2010, and Leonard said he moved in 'seven years ago'. Oops.

Nope, you're not alone. Leonard also notes that 'Babylon 5' is on with some excitement but B5 finished in '98. You could fan-wank that it was a repeat I suppose but the way they talked made it seem current.

It's probably a glitch in the Matrix and subtle clue that nothing in their universe is as it seems - if the show doesn't end with them waking up on racks as human batteries (possibly with Sheldon making a quip about the thermodynamic infeasibility of the scheme) then i'll be very surprised, it's the only logical explanation.
I saw some chatter yesterday that suggested that the episode was supposed to have aired sometime late last year.
Bittersweet, indeed. :) :(

missmuffet, The Library and .org are actually evil plots to keep you from ever getting enough sleep. Look forward to seeing you there. ;)

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