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May 18 2010

A look at Stage 17, the once-home of "Angel". Via Tom Hanks via his Twitter comes a look at the historic Stage 17 on the Paramount lot where our "Angel" was filmed (notice "Angel" (1999-2004) inscribed as one of the many productions to film there).

Another view here:

Maybe it's just me? But that link just goes to a 404.
It works for me right now... maybe refresh your browser and try again?
Seems fine to me. Nice link btw, thanks for that.
Works for me.

That's quite a pedigree, some great films/shows made there. And 'Days of Thunder'.
Also the promenade from DS9.
I had no idea so many historic movies and TV shows were filmed on that stage. Cool.
Sunset Boulevard!?! What a movie.

I think I moved to Los Angeles based on some picture in my head made up entirely of shots from Sunset Boulevard and "Perry Mason." (I wanted one of those little bungalow studios w/ a Murphy bed, which I called a Perry Maisonette.)

NORMA: Shut up. I'm rich. I'm richer than all this new Hollywood trash. I've got a million dollars.

Very cool that Angel was shot on the same set.
As an aside, I reckon this has got to be the first time Tom Hanks has been mentioned on Whedonesque =p
Actually, searching turns up 111 hits. (And don't forget the Toy Story connection.)
@Rachelkachel - nice sleuthing. I love the fact that Morgan Freeman is name-checked in 435 search hits, despite his never having appeared or been associated (I mean, *actually* associated, Saje, ;-), with any Whedon project. Such is the status of the man. :-)
Pfft, actually schmactually ;).
I guess that means Quark's bar ultimately became Wolfram and Hart? Does that mean a little Ferengi remained after the barkeep was kicked out?

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