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November 23 2003

A personal message from James Marsters

Actually his new message only came out yesterday when he thanked people for the ad that appeared in the Hollywood Reporter last week.
It's nice of James to acknowledge the people who support him and his character. I think this helps encourage his fans to take on these types of campaigns.

On a side note, isn't it funny how there are more and more of these ad campaigns coming out? And why The Hollywood Reporter? What about Variety? Just curious.
Errr... is Hollywood Reporter cheaper??


That could be why
Well always nice when a famous person is aware of fans and their activities and is appreciative of it.
Silent Night and nychick... I was involved with the first "Thank you" ad for James awhile back, and we put the ad up first in Variety and were then approached by Hollywood Reporter and offered the full back page. I don't remember the exact figures, but HR is a tad cheaper, and I think has a slightly broader reader base (though Variety is the more "respected" publication).

And incidentally, this newest ad is also running in both magazines... as far as I was told at any rate.
Haunt, I have a friend who is a correspondent for the Hollywood Reporter...I asked him about this...he said that in the industry, the Hollywood Reporter and Variety are pretty much equally respected...but that HR doesn't do a weekly edition like Variety does...instead, they put out a weekly special edition that appears on contains lots of extra features (such as my friend's column, which he writes in addition to his regualar news stories) and is said to be read by at least as many people as the weekly Variety.

'Course, he may be a tad biased!
Hmm... learn something new every day. Thanks CinV. Hope your friend wasn't offended... I'm not a regular reader of either publication, so I was just going with the impression I'd been given by others. To be certain HR is the more "accessible" of the two, since it's not an annoyingly oversized monstrosity like Variety. And HR was nice enough to track US down and offer to run the same ad on the back cover, which I thought was pretty cool of 'em.
He wasn't put out at all, Haunt...he allowed that HR at one time correctly was perceived as being in bed with the industry, but that has long since been rectified.

Interestingly enough, both publications are owned by Dutch concerns...HR by VNU, and Variety by Reed Business Information, which is a division of Reed Elsevier.
Whedonesque, too, is in the hands of a Dutch conglomerate.
I know! May I get you a Genever, Prolific?!
I don't drink jenever, I'm sorry!

Mine's a vodka and tonic, thanks.

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