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May 18 2010

A Buffy review site which you might never seen before. Not sure how I missed this one, but here it is with links to each season and a series of reviews you may or may not agree with.

I'll have to check it out. But uh....season seven 7.7? Really?!
Yeah... not in agreeance with a lot of these. I don't know how anyone could give 'Chosen' a perfect score. It's fun, but it's a mess thematically.

I hope that people are aware of - this has every episode of Angel reviewed, along with each season, and the series as a whole. These are REALLY GREAT reviews, obviously written by someone with a strong knowledge of screenwriting and processes and narrative structure and everything. They are the most interesting read, and I once watched through the entire series of Angel, reading each episode review after watching the corresponding episode - it was one of the best experiences I've ever had.

The guy that writes them obviously has a strong love for the show, but isn't afraid to point out some obvious failings at various points, especially in relation to the character of Gunn and some issues related to seasons 3 and 4.

I would highly recommend it!!
aapac, great find. I was just reading them for fun and there are some really amazing insights: "The overarching theme of ANGEL is that obsession with self ultimately leads to evil and that for all of us the only way forward is by connecting ourselves with others. Angel was not just fighting against evil from without. More importantly from his own point of view he was fighting the evil within him. The Shanshu prophecy was nothing more than a useful symbol for the resolution of that struggle. Being a human externally had no significance for the person Angel wanted to be. Redemption for him was no longer about accumulating enough credits to repay the evil that he had done and to tip the balance in his favor. It was to be through making the human connection."
Season 5 really did suffer from being only seven episodes long. Damn you writers strike of 2000. Aside from that, it'll give me something new to read over my coffee break. Which is a good thing.
Yeah, I was pretty surprised by how season six, instead of picking up right after the scene with Buffy and Spike on the porch, had no Joyce and a weird robot Buffy. What was the deal with that Glory chick anyway? Why did Xander propose to Anya offscreen? And then I found out that Buffy had died off screen. Weird.
I'm confused...why'd they say S5 was only 7 eps?
Oh nevermind. They just haven't done all the reviews. Darn.
Dana5140 & aapac, thank you for linking those here.

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