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May 18 2010

Comics on Comics on Why Whedon on Avengers is a Slam Dunk. Bob Patterson gives his thoughts on why Joss Whedon is the right choice for "undertaking one of the greatest challenges in cinematic history."

Nice little article, with some very good points. Thanks for the post!
The article was ok, but the website makes me twitch. Zero left margin makes it incredibly hard to read. And a viagra ad at the bottom? Really??
I've never posted an article before, but did anyone else notice this story? It seems to be a confirmation from Joss himself of his involvement in this flick:
Hmm. Arsenal, that slashfilm story relies on a Collider story from last week that claims "it was recently announced" that Joss would be directing The Avengers. That relies, in turn, on an earlier Collider story from April, which states only that he is "in final negotiations" to direct . . . I'm not sure this game of Broken Telephone necessarily adds up to confirmation. Though it may well be true, we still haven't seen a reputable source - given that an announcement would be big news, I suspect there is no confirmation in the offing just yet.
Gotcha. Glad I didn't rush to post it then!

God, I'm so sick of this wait! :)
Why do people have to swear in articles, it detracts from what the're trying to say.
I certainly agree that Joss has the skill to handle this.

Not being a reader of comics, I only knew what I've gleaned from discussions here, plus the Iron Man and Hulk movies. Then the other night, I caught an excellent documentary on TV, The History of Comics (I think that was the name), and I learned a lot more about The Avengers.

As for the "I have no directing skills" remark, I'd guess that was just Joss being Joss. ;)

So can they announce this sometime soon? .... say before the movie is released??

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