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May 19 2010

Trailer for Julie Benz's new pilot "No Ordinary Family" premiering on ABC this fall. The show is about a normal family that develops super powers, and Julie plays the mother.

What the frack!?

I click on the link only to discover that ABC has blocked this video on ‘copyright grounds’ because I’m trying to watch it from another country. I’ve never heard of them doing this before on Youtube but geez how silly!

What’s the harm in people watching trailers from overseas? Unbelievable.
We in Australia are not worthy vamps.

There is a trailer on the site that works here. Kinda looks pretty bland to me. Don't really see what the hook would be to watch it week after week. Also their 'powers' look decidedly uninspired. That being said I'd follow Chiklis to hell and back.
Yeah I found the trailer here;

It does look pretty bland and I agree that the choices of powers were pretty... meh. I'll give it a try for Benz but I'm a bit disappointed by this.
The blockage thing is crazy.

The show isn't looking especially good, but atleast they have Julie, and who knows, maybe it will work.
I'll give it a shot, but I'm agreeing with the pack, doesn't look overly inspiring.

FYI, Youtube has this trailer that is viewable in Aus:
Super-algae, of course *slaps forehead*, that's one of the ways I haven't tried yet (easier than "raised by apes" too, right there's 10 years i'm never getting back). Powers a bit standard (yet another female character with psychic powers. Give them something active FFS or how about a psychic male ?) but assuming that's not as good as it gets then it could be OK (couple of chuckles).

I'm watching it anyway, Benklis has taken care of that.
I really think Chiklis could have found a better vehicle than this after The Shield. Not commenting on quality at all, but the basic concept seems like something people just aren't going to tune in for. I see this as a quick cancellation, unfortunately.
I thought the show looks like it'll be fun. I will be watching it when it airs to see if it lives up to its potential. This has potential for a lot of character growth and dynamics. That's the stuff I like.
I like the concept but the dialogue seems like your typical heavy-handed network crap. When oh when will they learn?
intriguing premise but I'm not sure where they can go with it, It appears one of Chiklis's super powers in invulnerability so how can any external force pose a viable threat? I guess that's something for episode 2 to solve.
It appears one of Chiklis's super powers in invulnerability so how can any external force pose a viable threat?

Deprive him of oxygen?
Simon has it. That's how they bumped off the invulnerable guy in "Rising Stars."

Mildly cute.
Yep, see "Rising Stars" by JMS. Invulnerable (in that sense) != unkillable.

[ETA] As ManEnoughToAdmitIt said, simultaneously ago ;)[/ETA]

(though agreed guardian_owl, watching them finding the limits of their powers could be fertile creative ground)

[ edited by Saje on 2010-05-19 16:17 ]
I don't understand the comments that there really isn't a story or that there is no where to go with this. In fact, I find loads of potential stories. That's one of things that has me interested. There is discovering their powers, what they mean, the limits of their powers (as Saje mentioned), how their powers change them individually and as a family, how if affects their self-image, how it affects their relationships with others, what they're going to do with their powers, how long will the powers last (e.g., permanent or do they have to go back to the waters to renew them), the moral struggles, etc.
Amber Tamblyn's in this! And Joan of Arcadia reference FTW! I'm looking forward to this one.
That isn't Amber Tamblyn, electricspacegirl. It's Kay Panabaker from Fame, Tamblyn's younger doppleganger.
lol I thought it was Amber at first glance too, but then I realized her power would have to be time travel or anti-aging. (Hmm. Given a choice of superpowers, would most teenage girls choose mind-reading or a rejuvenating epidermis?)

I like the premise of a superhero family. Of course, writing is everything. Joss wrote some fantastic x-men stories. There have been arcs by other writers though that would have made you cry (not in a good way). Considering some of the actors who have signed on, I am hopeful that the writing will be up to snuff. Chiklis and Benz must have seen something in the presentations they were offered.

There are so many ways to go wrong with a concept like this, but then a "blonde high school girl that kills vampires" doesn't sound like a winning premise either.
I think I preferred it when Pixar did it...

But I'll check it out anyway as Julie Benz is in it. Although she really downgraded from Michael C Hall :p
Good call, Ashley. Was just going to say it pretty much looks like a live-action "The Incredibles".
The trailer was bland. Everything was explained as if talking to a small child. I found no mystery, and let's face it, mystery is what pulls viewers in. The dialog contained zero finesse. It grated in a two dimensional way (i.e. "We have powers; we can do things; this is good; no it's bad; blah, blah, blah").

I've always read that a writer should "show" his audience what's happening, not "tell" them. This was definitely a "teller", and not in a funny "Penn & Teller" way.

From this trailer, the show doesn't seem to be a sophisticated story looking for a discerning audience. It looks like a generic commercial vehicle to attract eyeballs.

Someone else will have to watch it and report on it. If I watch the series and start to like it, it will be pulled from the airwaves. I'm jokingly convinced Buffy only survived because I discovered it after it had run its course. When I started watching Angel, Jordan Levin killed the show, despite its increasing popularity. So it must be me. :-)

If it's good, I'll start watching it after its last season. That way I won't be disappointed when the inevitable executive guillotine makes a visit.
Interesting Julie plays so many mothers when she isn't one (yet.) Like Mary Page Keller 20 years ago.
If I watch the series and start to like it, it will be pulled from the airwaves. I'm jokingly convinced Buffy only survived because I discovered it after it had run its course. When I started watching Angel, Jordan Levin killed the show, despite its increasing popularity. So it must be me. :-)

Don't worry quantumac. It's not like football, where our viewers actions are clearly responsible for campaign of our teams.
I think the trailer makes it look worse than it is, assuming there isn't fourth-wall breaking in-show narration in the show. Also, where the freak is Taylor Townsend? Julie was one of the reasons I was excited for this, the other was Autumn Reeser and if I'm right, she was in it for approximately one second - and that might have not even been her!

It looks like it could be fun anyway. Not so sure about it being interesting just yet. Nonetheless, I'll be watching.
I agree that the narration by Chiklis was off-putting. Not sure why they had him use that tone.

Web trailers tend to be longer than tv trailers, but they don't seem to do much better at providing the salient info needed to sell the show. Mostly they just tend to drag on. As this one did.
Will watch for Julie and dude from weeds. :) Looks more like a movie to me, than a tv show :/ Oh well. GO JULIE!
Where is Amber Tamblyn in this? There's no mention of that anywhere.

Based on ads, I'd be more likely to watch this than The Cape.
Just noticed that Kay Panabaker is the little girl from The White Room.
Gee, they cast an actor who played a member of the Fantastic Four as the father in a . . . well, a rip off of the Fantastic Four.

But I think if you cast Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis, you're going for a degree of tough emotional authenticity -- so I'm very interested to see what they're going to do with it.

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