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May 19 2010

The New York Times reviews Emma Caulfield's TiMER. The review is short but positive. It includes a picture of Emma.

Short & Sweet. Go Emma!!
Decent review that.

Still no sign of a UK general release date which is a bit rubbish. BOO K more like !
Yay, so been missing Emma! Wishing her the very best.
I'm not usually big on rom-coms, but this is definitely something I'd be interested in watching, at the very least to see Emma. The story sounds really interesting.
This looks like the perfect fun summer movie. I think Emma is a great comedienne.

It's not opening this weekend in San Francisco, but hope to see it later this summer. Right now it looks like it's only playing in LA and NY.
That's Kali Rocha in the clips, eh?



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