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May 19 2010

Neil Patrick Harris talks about his guest spot on Glee. And if you missed last night's episode, it's now up on Hulu.

I just watched it. I did love NPH on it...he's kind of awesome.
But Joss is really tired of directing him!

It's true (really):
The tV critics are calling NPH over-exposed; maybe S-6 of HIMYM will pull back from its case of The-Barney-Showitis (a new and virulent strain of Fonzarelli's Disease.)
I don't think anyone as awesome as NPH can get over-exposed... He is definitely the front runner (according to popularity polls) for hosting the Tony Awards again this year!
DaddyCatALSO, which TV critics are calling NPH over-exposed. I follow dozens of them on twitter. Have never heard that in connection to NPH. Do you have a link or a name?
Agreed: no such thing as over-exposure for NPH!
(unless he starts doing those Sell-Your-Gold commercials or something... but even then I'm sure he'd manage to do it in a classy tongue-in-cheek way...)
embers - he won't be hosting the Tonys this year as his Smurfs filming is on nights at the moment, and there's an overlap. Too busy, definitely (anybody see him on The Today Show yesterday? Boy needs some sleep, bless him!) but overexposed, never! :)

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