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May 19 2010

CBS Picks Up "Hawaii Five-O" For Fall 2010 Season. CBS announced today that the pilot for a new version-- created by Star Trek (2009)/Fringe/Alias writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci--of the iconic series has been picked up for their fall schedule, to air Mondays at 10PM Eastern. Daniel Dae Kim has a starring role. James Marsters will play the villain in the pilot episode, a role which may be recurring.

Here's the opening title sequence.

And a trailer for the series.

Here's CBS's Fall 2010 Schedule

Wasn't Daniel Dae Kim in this thing, too? Or was that some other show?

ETA that yes, indeed, DDK will be playing Detective Chin Ho Kelly. Never watched the original, so I dunno what kind of role that is, but I love me some DDK so I might tune in for this.

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He's not playing Dan-o? Bummer.
Rejigged the link explano for clarity and to add DDK - thanks Jobo.
Hoped DDK could reinvent Wo Fat or whatever his name was -- recurring baddie in the original.
I wish there was a new Josshow this fall :(
Yay for James Marsters in a show that got picked up! Not my usual type of show but I'll watch it for James.
I enjoyed the original series so many years ago, and this actually looks as though it might work. I knew about DDK, but I hadn't heard about JM. So I'm even more interested in seeing this series launch.
What could be better than 2 of my favorite "vampires" in a show, just hope they decide to keep James around. I tried 3 Rivers with Alex but even he could not save that dog, this looks like his kind of show..action.
I'd still prefer Alex on Moonlight, but I'll check out the new show. I don't care for the old one, but my mom loves it, so we'll end up checking it out together.
My housemate and I thought the original show was lousy. However, CBS has a good track record with procedurals and Hawaii offers lots of possibilities for good writing, considering its history, ethnic mix and politics. They have a serious independence movement, for example. I suppose Miami Vice quality original art direction would be too much to hope for.
Won't be watching. Its time slot is against Castle.
You forgot Daniel Dae Kim. He's Whedonverse too.

This actually looks decent. I'll have to give it a try.
I'm looking forward to it! DDK and Grace Park both in and James Marsters possibly recurring - as a villain - is all win for me!!
Wow! James playing another villianous role, sweet!
Up against Castle? Not good. I'll probably give this one a try at first (especially if James Marsters in in the early eps) and catch Castle on Hulu - my DVD 'record' function hasn't been working forever, I've been reduced to recording stuff on an old VCR :( .
I've only seen a couple of the original and it was made of cheese. But post BSG, that isn't so much of an issue.

From a personal POV, this is great for Hawaii and I hope it's a big hit. We've just lost a lot of jobs with the Lost production shutting down, plus all the extra business from the regular presence of cast and crew, during the shooting schedule.
And another chance for Alex O'Loughlin in a starring role, a definite plus.

As for the write-up .... the description of Grace Park's role made me cringe:
".... Kono, a beautiful and fearless native ......".
I could do a rant worthy of Willow in Pangs. The only "natives" here in Hawaii are Native Hawaiians, which Grace Park obviously is not. Plus, referring to Native Hawaiians simply as "natives" is as bad as calling Native Americans simply "natives". It's shockingly derogatory, a usage that here in the 50th state, is pretty much synonymous with savages, or barbarians. Whoever does these write-ups should at least do a little research.
End of rant.

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