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May 20 2010

Buffy Season 5 on iTunes! For some reason 5x22 isn't "The Gift" and it is in fact an episode from Season 4, so i'd wait for that error to be corrected before purchasing (if you do).

And a DRM'd to the hilt copy of what's already available on DVD is better how?
^ It isn't, but a lot of people just buy digital things now and don't watch DVD's... i'm not one of those people though.
I actually rip all of my DVDs. I have a terabyte drive that's completely full. Buying a second next week...

The only reason I do this is because my computer is my TV; as in I use Windows Media Center and hook the computer up to the TV. It's my Cable source, TV guide, archived (ripped DVD) TV shows and movies... it even has plugins for Hulu and Netflix.

It's really amazing. No messing around with 30 remotes, installing a dozen different settop boxes, inserting DVDs, etc. Plus, when you scroll over the movie or TV episode you want to watch, you have a nice thumbnail, description, list of actors/directors, etc.

Sorry, I'm just bragging a little about my setup :)
I'll give you the DRM with iTunes.
On the same turn I'll remind you that your DVD have a kind of DRM on them, just more people happen to have access to the codec's.

Any who, I have system similar to Jesse and I don't know a single person who doesn't enjoy the ease of access to the tons of media I have available on my TV.

It's enjoyable to pull out my iphone and watch "Once More with Feeling"
Or when I am blue, watch some Buffy/Faith or Willow.

I too await the day more media is release without DRM, but studios fear it.

When again is HBO gonna release the Malady's pilot?
When they can make money?

I pay now to support the system and technology to force old business models to crave the easy money and eventually give DRM free media... with add cost of course.

Okay go enjoy something...
Jesse/Wilhelm, can I ask what make your hard drive is? I've been wanting to buy one but have heard horror stories about everything getting deleted from them for no reason.
Worth it if they're in widescreen like Season 4 is on iTunes.

I have had too many failures of hardware on the external harddrives. Not the actual harddrive but the hardware that connect between the harddrive and computer.

I use internal hard drives only. A storage drive that only has media on it, no operating system.
Remember hardrive life is only good 3-5 years.

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