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May 20 2010

(SPOILER) IDW Solicitations for August 2010. Includes Angel #36, Spike: The Devil You Know #3, and the Angel: A Hole in the World TPB.

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Just beat me to
Kinda miffed that the thumbnailed art doesn't open up to a hi-res version.
CBR will probably have a hi-res version when it goes up there.Maybe Comic Book Continuum too.

There was no cover for Angel #36 was there?I didn't see one.
Nope, no cover for #36 in the linked article.
Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it.Thanks.
I like the sound of #36.Looking forward to seeing the cover
There's a small version of the #36 cover at Diamond's Previews site -- click me!
The Angel #36 cover is freaky

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Courtney Love in the Angelverse!? :p
Comics Continuum has posted, with larger versions of the covers.
The Angel issue actually sounds pretty good. Hope there's an improvement!

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