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May 20 2010

That documentary about Comic-Con is a go. Directed by Morgan Spurlock, executive produced by Joss, Stan Lee, and Harry Knowles.

Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, producers Thomas Tull and Jeremy Chilnick along with comics icon Stan Lee, writer/producer Joss Whedon and online film guru Harry Knowles have joined together to bring audiences the feature length documentary COMIC-CON EPISODE FOUR: A FAN’S HOPE. The concept for the film is spurred by the ever-growing influence that San Diego Comic-Con continues to have on comics, film, television and pop-culture. The feature documentary will follow seven different people from across America, and around the world, as they descend upon and the veritable Mecca of fandom and experience the rapture that is Comic-Con.

It will be interesting to see the take Whedon has on documentary.
Sometimes I wish Joss would do more projects simultaneously. Sigh. also reports this. Are they looking for volunteer "bouncers" to clear their path through crowded corridors, I wonder? I'm practicing flexing my elbows as I type this.

Edited to correct my semantics in a vain attempt to satisfy O.T.B!x's criticism of my admittedly unprofessional layman's journalistic technique. (It's just a link.)

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I was going this year too. But cancelled my plans after reading CC would be moved to LA after this year. I just thought it would be too crazy for this grandma to handle. I thought so many more people would descend upon SDCC after reading that same article.

I am sad now.
Nikki Finke confirms the news.

That's an interesting way to phrase it since the link here is to the press release itself. Not much you can do to confirm a press release from the parties involved. ;)

That's also not Nicki Finke, it's Mike Fleming.

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Wha, Whoo. I want to see this.
Yay! This should be interesting!
Could be interesting. Definitely will check it out on DVD.

A lot of praising about comic books in the linked article. I thought the comics industry was in an ever downward spiral and that SDCC has been pretty much consumed by the Hollywood hype machine? And a lot of the 'comic book purests' hate what it has become? Whenever I hear mention about the con it's almost always in relation to tv or movie news. But, seeing as I've never been there, that could all just be hyperbole.
I'm not so much a fan of Knowles' style (or at least his website) but everyone else involved is pretty quality!
I can't say that I'm a Spurlock fan but at least this is a documentary subject that interests me. I just hope it doesn't spiral into a "let's all laugh at the comic con weirdos" kind of thing, as documentaries of this nature tend to do. But with Joss and Stan involved, I've got faith that it won't.
I trust that Joss isn't planning to make some kind of updated version of Trekkies , which seemed more like an opportunity for the straights to laugh at all the geeks.

And I wonder if there will be a commentary?
And I wonder if there will be a commentary?

Maybe a Stan Lee musical commentary.
This is what comes of lunching.

I assume there was lunching. : >

As I mentioned in February when this first came up, fandom is about loyalty and devotion. I'm thinking we may get to see that explored a bit in this documentary.

But whatever it will be, I'm certainly interested. I'm not ComicCon'ing this year :( so I hope and trust my buddies will update me on anything they see & hear there.

It occurs to me - some among us must know at least one of our fangeeks that's being followed around. Hmmmmmm?

ETF: typo

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It occurs to me - some among us must know at least one of our fangeeks that's being followed around. Hmmmmmm?

I think they're still taking "audition" submissions.
Which begs the immortal question - What does an executive producer actually do?
pay for stuff (Simon, you know what s word I wanted to write).
This is what comes of lunching.

I assume there was lunching. : >

Now I have this image of Morgan Spurlock, Thomas Tull, Jeremy Chilnick, Stan Lee, Joss Whedon and Harry Knowles all simultaneously coming back from the toilet and going "Guys, I have an idea ..." ;).

Could be cool, when the creators are fans themselves you stand a decent chance of getting an interesting, non-condescending take on it.
This should be fun. And I love the title. :)
Spectuacular. I've always wanted to see a Joss documentary (or Jossumentary, if you will), and the topic sounds spot on. Can't wait.
Various sites have also been carrying the purported casting call.

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Thanks for the link b!X, now if I was just going to ComicCon I could apply.... But actually MY dream is to be invited to ComicCon as a VIP guest and be wined and dined and allowed to jump all the lines (hey, I don't say it is every going to happen... it's just my dream!).
I'm going to Comic-Con but, honestly, I'd run the other way from being in a documentary about it, even though I fully expect it to be a positive representation, given the creators. I like my own corner of fandom just the way it is - nice and quiet, thank you very much. :-)
Three-and-a-half of my favorite creative minds involved in this! I can't wait to see it (seeing as I will never be able to afford going to CC).
I don't think anyone who found "home" at ComicCon is going to make fun of anyone. I do wonder how..."neutral" of a documentary it will be though. I know they will be following some fans around, but I think it would ALSO be interesting if they tackled the growing discontent with Comic Con among comic book creators and fans concerning how much the event has purportedly drifted away from it's roots in comics--which has lead to discussions about starting up Creator Con.

I've only ever been to the smaller cons myself, so I wouldn't know how much it's changed, but with all the movies and t.v. shows promoting themselves, I can see where they might be upset at the loss of focus. I've been wondering though, if what we are witnessing at Comic Con is an evolution of the marketing/business models to something that resembles that of Japan. There the mangas evolve into animes, OVAs, live action dramas, films, drama cds, novels, and of course all the offshoot products like figures, posters, etc.

Of those of us here who have been attending over a number of years, has it changed?
madmolly - Not sure what article you read, but Comic-Con is contracted to stay in San Diego until 2012, so it's not going anywhere next year.

BreathesStory - I've been going for 15 years. It has changed. But really the main change is 2 parts, first the size and second, the amount of media attention it gets. Granted, it's the TV and movie stuff that gets all the media attention. But there are still plenty of comic dealers and comic related panels. If you look at the schedule from last year, the those panels outnumber the tv/movie related ones by a pretty big margin. Of course they aren't attended by 6000 people in Hall H, but they are there.

I wonder if I should audition?
I think one of the complaints by the comic writers and artists is how expensive it has gotten: it used to be that they could all come, no problem, but now it is almost impossible to get a hotel room unless their publisher or someone has arranged it. I think a lot of the creators feel that they have been pushed aside by all the TV, movie, and gaming companies which book all available rooms and end up forcing prices higher and higher.

That said, danregal is totally right: the one time I went I was able to find many writers and artists who I loved and got to really enjoy listening to them speak in some of the small (mostly lightly attended) meeting rooms.

Oh and danregal: definitely apply/audition! You'll kick yourself if you didn't even try.
Is this redundant? I saw this on twitter and was surprised it wasn't already posted here...

RT @gossi: you want 2b the subject of Morgan Spurlock/Stan Lee/Joss Whedon/Knowles CC doc and have good reason, email:

It's posted here but only indirectly via link in one of my comments above.
Yeah, the thing has nothing to do with me, I'm just spreadin' the word.
Will they finance my trip if I audition? :p

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