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May 22 2010

(SPOILER) Full Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #35. Last Q/A with Jeanty until Buffy returns in September.

Amendment to my statement on SlayAlive that this is will be the last thing that we have going with Jeanty until September. Jeanty and I are currently thinking up some things to keep some kind of interaction going during the in-between months. More details when they become available.
Hmm,maybe something around Comic Con in July?That would be right in the heart of this break until September.Well until middle August if you include the Riley One-Shot.

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My favourite interview so far with Jeanty. I liked his answers a lot. And very much looking forward to the return of Spike in the remainder of Season 8.
Can the shipper questions get any more annoying? Ugh. I'll never understand why those questions continue to be brought up, especially to the artist, when they should be addressed to the writers if there is a need to bring them up at all.
He handled them expertly though. And probably gave some people some food for thought on the whole Buffy/Spike/Angel thing.

That was a great Q&A and I'm really looking forward to the final arc. Explanations seem to be forthcoming (and I predict we'll be getting more answers and be more satisfied with them than what Lost has given us in its sixth season/promised with tomorrow's series finale, much as I still love the show). Sounds like, as fans have theorized, some folks are gonna be pulled into Twilight by season's end. The whole cast ? Split the cast up between Earth and Twilight ? Hmm...Or maybe they'll effectively divorce the two shows (BtVS and Angel) from eachother by leaving Angel on Earth and having Buffy and company in Twilight.

Guess Dawn's the unwitting "serpent"/catalyst among Buffy and Angel's Adam & Eve, respectively.
Soulmates? Whatever.

As a concept I find it rather high school.
I agree redeem, and I'm actually in High School. The term 'soulmates' always annoyed me because it implies that there is one person in all the world who you are meant to be with. I find that entire concept completely ridiculous and fairytale-like. I think that there are literally thousands of people who you could possibly be happy with in many different ways. Ugh, that word just annoys me so much. I guess that's my random rant for the day.

I thought the Q&A was alright but to be honest I've grown extremely bored and disenchanted with Season 8 and I really can't be bothered to get excited about any of the developments anymore. Buffy is my favorite story of all time but I just absolutely hate the way it's currently being written. I'm giving it a chance for Joss's arc and because of my ridiculously obsessive somewhat neurotic love for the show, but at this point I'm really just over it.

Even as a self-proclaimed big fan of Spike I'm not even excited. Part of me just feels like they might assassinate his character they way they have with others that I loved. And I have pretty much zero hope for my only living favorite couple as well. I loved the way Chosen and NFA ended which is why I spent so much time not reading or paying attention to the comics. I was perfectly happy ( glad I'm not cursed) with how the shows ended and I kinda wish I never read any of the comics. Although some, like the first 4 volumes of S8 and ATF, had great moments. Nothing has me really invested in the Buffyverse in Season 8.

Gah, I'm so off-topic. Anyway, bye everyone. LOST finale tomorrow! I'n still attempting to finish Season 6 of the show so I can watch it as I've never seen the show before. 14 episodes left! Wish me luck!

P.S- I just wish I had more positive things to say about the Buffyverse. I really do have a deep-seated love for it as I'm sure we all do. I really hate how much I hate it right now, =(
It's almost getting comical how anytime Spuffys start to find a little hope Jeanty manages to say something like:
"Whatever your preferences are with Spike or Angel, I think Buffy has made it very clear who she favors."
"If you love Spike then great, but in reading ask yourself more what Buffy would do with them than what you would want her to do."
Just to reassure us that we are totally wrong with how we saw the show, everything we believed about Buffy and her relationship with Spike is wrong, and we probably shouldn't buy or read the next issue even with Spike on the cover?
I find that entire concept completely ridiculous and fairytale-like.

As opposed to vampires and magic?

P.S- I just wish I had more positive things to say about the Buffyverse. I really do have a deep-seated love for it as I'm sure we all do. I really hate how much I hate it right now, =(

Hate has been as much a part of this fandom as love. Always has been. I wouldn't let is get you down.
Poor old Mr Jeanty. I mean how many more times can he be corralled into making the same shipping statements, ie, Buffy/Angel forever, and nobody else matters? It's becoming almost comical now.

Thing is I strongly dislike how Buffy's character is being written in this as well as poor old 'pod Angel'. An Angel who it seems never lived the life he did in AtS judging by what I've seen so far.

This makes me dread how Joss will write Spike. A Spike that dresses like he's still in season 2 and arrives in what appears to be some kind of space/Time ship? Oh dear god...

This entire season as been so disappointing to me. A 'season' which feels (to me at least) absolutly nothing like the TV show and where the whole thing seems to has dissolved into some kind of Buffy/Angel shippers crackfic written whilst on heavy medication.

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Xane, Jeanty said nothing to imply that what viewers (specifically Spuffy fans, if you like, but I think all viewers saw feelings between Buffy and Spike on the show, at least to some degree) saw on the show was completely wrong. He just...there's absolutely nothing in his answers that state that. Even if Buffy does currently prefer Angel or has "chosen" him or whatever, it doesn't invalidate what was established or what was interpretable about she and Spike on the show. Me and my dude broke up recently but are still good buds/on speaking terms (like how Buffy is with Spike, or presumably could be), we still love eachother though and have admitted as much to one another. If I fall for someone else (be they a previous partner/lover from the past, like Angel is to Buffy, or someone completely new like Satsu), it does not invalidate what happened within my relationship with my recent ex, nor does it suddenly make me not love him anymore. In this same way, the present of Buffy/Angel (if it does indeed turn out to be a solid, lasting thing--if it's just passing and it's over by Season 9, then it threatens the status of Buffy/Spike not at all) does not take away what happened for Buffy/Spike pre-Season 8.

"and we probably shouldn't buy or read the next issue even with Spike on the cover?"

Jeanty in no way encouraged anyone to not buy the issue. If anything, his mentioning that Spike will be appearing in all of Joss' final issues plus implying that there will be conversations between Buffy, Angel, and Spike (possibly regarding their relationships, but maybe not, given that there're bigger fish to fry at the moment, what with all the demons falling down on 'em) seemed to be promoting the prospect of "lots of Spike!", or at least "adequate-amounts-of-Spike-shared-with-spotlight-for-most-other-characters".

Anyway, they're not specifically playing to the Spike-loving and Spuffy crowds, nor should they. They're not ignoring them either, it's just not a focus, is all. I wanted more Oz (with better Oz background/character moments), but you don't see me flying off the handle over him not getting enough mentions, page time, or being paired off with a new character.
"Anyway, they're not specifically playing to the Spike-loving and Spuffy crowds, nor should they."

No, going by the events in the last few issues they're reserving that 'honour' for the Buffy/Angel crowd, god help them.
Ugh, shippers make me sad.
During its original run & for about a decade after, Star Trek was fairly edgy sf (in tv terms & for the first two seasons at least) -- but when the original plan for a cable series was transferred over to the film department as a result of the commercial success of "Star Wars", it became something of a cultural monument and a cultural joke.

Roughly the same interval has passed between the advent of Buffy & the sharkjump as passed between the successful Trek pilot & the 1978 film release & a similar process has occurred -- just as edgy Trek was bumped out of the picture by Lucas' pretty but braindead popcorn culture feature, Buffy's been bumped to one side by the vamp craze that the comics tried to spoof . . . unfortunately, here the victim of the irony is the original Buffy (and with it Joss) & S8 is the moment that inaugurates the self-parodying franchise -- and as the self-parodying ST franchise is forever captured in the immortal "Kh-A-A-AAAAAN!!!" cry of Shatner, the same moment is frozen in space with the big space frak. What may save BtVS from the same fate is the far smaller reach of the comics & the audience fall off.

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Angel's been in the season for 2.5 issues. Break that down, it's an episode, if that. I hardly think that counts as "an entire season dedicated to Buffy/Angel crackfic." I know people like getting on their entitlement horse and proclaiming that the entire season is a disappointment and the characters are OOC and Joss is mocking the shippers and everyone hates Spike... but honestly, just take a step back and chill. It's a story and it's been made pretty clear to us that as confusing as it is, we don't have all the answers yet... just let it unfold.

And if seven seasons of Buffy prior should have taught us anything, it's that relationships aren't designed to play to any sort of audience desire or feedback, they're played for the sake of the characters and the overall story. Season Eight is no different.

Also I wish people would give Georges a break. Poor fella gets asked his opinion on Buffy/Angel/Spike and he gets raked over coals for it every time. Way it's going, shippers are gonna piss him off and he'll quit the Q&A same as Scott did.

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I miss Scott's Q&A's. :(
Matt I think we've given the story more then enough time to explain a few things, don't you? We only have 5 issues left and It's been going on now for how many years? Even Scott Allie said that given their time again that they wouldn't have paced it quite the way they did.

As for Jeanty, no it isn't fair that certain fans keep trying to draw him into well trod shipper debates. He probably has no idea how much some people will read into what he comes out with.

That's why right from the start I believed that sort of thing was best left to the fans to chew over, and not the professionals.

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2010-05-23 14:07 ]
Yes, but how many questions do you have that you know won't be answered in Joss's arc? Until we get the final chapter of the story - one by which reputation and promotion is being expected to answer many of said questions - it's premature to bash the season for not giving up those answers. To use a timely example, it's like someone saying "Lost is stupid, what a waste of a show, they never answer their questions!" on the cusp of the finale.

Yes, we've had to wait a long time, but half the fun is enjoying the story and getting to the answers when we get to them. And if people say it's taking too long... honestly, it's a monthly comic series, you knew what you were getting into.
As I said they've had, what, nearly three years now to explain more fully whats going on, and yet we're still left with just as many questions unanswered, to say nothing of the massive jumps in logic that's been going on with certain elements of the plot.

I mean how much do you really think they're going to be able to cover in just five short issues? I suspect the whole thing will feel very rushed when it comes to exposition time. I'm sure the characters will sound more like themselves given who's writing them, but for me it will be a case of 'too little, too late'.

And yes, I do know what comics are capable of. I spent 25 years collecting the things, and I've come to the conclusion that the pacing in this could have been much better then it turned out.

Oh and to add Lost as as show didn't work for me either. Sorry. *g*

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I like S8.
It does seem like Buffy the comic aspires to be Twilight. That godawful space fucking issue had no purpose other than pandering to the handful of people who still give a rat's ass about Bangel and giving fanboys something to read in the dark at the expense of the the growth of the character of Buffy, and her relationship with Spike.
And I wish Jeanty would stop giving Q and A's, or I wish I would stop reading them. Or he would just say "no comment" to the shipping questions so we could find our own interpretation when the story comes out instead of telling us how wrong we are.

Or I wish I had just listened in the beginning and realized that when Allie et al. kept saying that Buffy of course had more feelings for Angel that I would have just realized that my Buffy is not season eight's Buffy and ignored the comics completely instead of keeping up even in a peripheral way. The Buffy that I love would never do what she did in the space fucking issue.
Wow, how very condescending of you Xane.
Hmmm, would it help if I added in my opinion? Obviously this is how I feel about the issue. Your mileage may vary. I have strong feelings about it and I am expressing them. If you are offended I apologize.
Angel's been in the season for 2.5 issues.

Angel was present from the start of the run.
Poor old Mr Jeanty. I mean how many more times can he be corralled into making the same shipping statements, ie, Buffy/Angel forever, and nobody else matters? It's becoming almost comical now.

And yet not nearly as comical as the same members freaking out about it every single time.

The Buffy that I love would never do what she did in the space fucking issue.

Your Buffy would never have sex? That's all she did that issue.

[ edited by The Dark Shape on 2010-05-23 20:23 ]
Your Buffy would never have sex? That's all she did that issue.

Oh, come on.
"Your Buffy would never have sex? That's all she did that issue."

Whilst flying round the earth nude at super speed. *Hoots* Yeah, nothing weird about that at all. *g*

[ edited by Simon on 2010-05-23 22:27 ]
Hey, he specified that issue. And if flying isn't 'his Buffy,' I'm sure he has serious issues with Earshot, too. We've seen her screw and we've seen her with something akin to superpowers. That issue just threw them together.

But here's the thing. She's not your Buffy. She's just Buffy. This constant fanboy -- and not just here, but in every single level fandom -- "I know better than the writers who actually develop these characters" attitude is just infuriating. If you don't like it, check out and save yourself some agony.
I remember thinking Buffy would never sleep with Spike. Then we got S6. Then I remember thinking Buffy would never forgive someone who tried to rape her. Then we got S7. *Shrug* Just gotta roll with the punches I guess.
This seems to be turning into the usual season 8 slugfest with added wank from previous seasons being thrown in. So if we could focus on the questions and manage not to provoke each other then that would be lovely. Otherwise, you'll be be shown the door.

Wow, how very condescending of you Xane.

And comments like that are really uncalled for here.

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I believe there's a huge difference between Buffy temporarily gaining the power of a demon, which fits in with The verse own internal logic compared to becoming a cut price god. Sorry, the latter came across as utterly ridiculous to me.
My issue was more the space fucking her high school boyfriend from ten years ago right after finding out he has been her enemy who has been tormenting her for the last few years. The Buffy I love wouldn't do that. Ergo, comic Buffy is no longer my Buffy and that makes me sad and a little pissed off.

I don't really understand why you find my opinion infuriating. You said above you had problems with other seasons. Understandable. I have problems with this one, my post was that I was finding it almost funny that Jeanty always makes sure he jams the shipping issue home in a way that guarantees that Spuffy shippers will be upset before the comic even comes out.

The super powers are not an issue for me. I'm betting it's temporary. Whatever. It has nothing to do with her character.
Sadly I agree with Xane, somewhat.
My issue isn't Buffy having sex in space or explicit nudity. My issue is that she does it with a guy who consciously framed her up and has started the war against slayers (at least that's what we've been shown in the very first arc).

And all the PTB (Allie, Jeanty, Meltzer) insist that it's great, it's so romantic, it's so wonderful that Buffy has sex with that guy. Every Q&As turns into glorification of Buffy's sexathon with a person who manipulated her into becoming a goddess, subjected her to the influence of some glowy substance that made her incredibly horny and then tried to separate her from her friends.

Am I supposed to enjoy something I find disturbing and unsettling? Every Jeanty's Q&A only adds to my disconnection from season 8.

I regret investing in s8. I am a big Spike fan, and I don't want to see him in this story at all. Spike accepting and maybe even blessing Buffy's sex with her destined soulmate Angel will be too big a disappointment for me - and, judging by Q&As, the story goes in that direction.

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Two quotes come to mind vis-a-vis the plot tricks that have become compulstory (sad to say) in these creations: T.S. Eliot's

There's birth, copulation, and death,
That's all there is.
Birth, copulation & death.

I.e., when you need a big plot spin, which is it going to be? Mysterious birth with cosmic consequences? Dawn, Connor. Copulation? See multiple examples. And death? Kill off someone people feel warm & protective about. And that's all there is.

The other is from "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead":

The Player: We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see.
Guildenstern: Is that what people want?
The Player: It's what we do.

The image of Angel wanting to stay in Twilight and abandoning that idea only because "He would never truly have Buffy as long as SHE Knows her friends are in trouble" is cpmpletely OOC!

Damn it! Do you know Angel?! Did you see AtS? Did you see IWRY? This is NOT Angel! What the hell are you doing with him? Do you want to ruin his character? After Cordelia in s4 AtS, another character assassination?
To be fair, Cordelia in Season 4 wasn't character assassination. It was Cordelia being posessed and viewers not liking her acting the way she did. But we're unable to blame the writers for mangling the character in that case, it was intentional on their part, because she was supposed to be behaving differently.

With Angel in Buffy Season 8, I think I agree ? Unless Joss pulls off something major in the final arc, yeah, this Angel doesn't seem to line up with Angel from his own TV series or even "After the Fall". If they screw his character (I mean they can make him selfish/villainous, it's perfectly within their right to do so), the only way to explain this shift in his priorities and how he came to be this way in the first place will be to write something over at IDW in his own line of books, as that timeline (Angel "Season 6" is taking place before Buffy Season 8). But that could easily feel tacked on and "too little, too late" for a lot of readers.
For me, in AtS s4 there was Cordelia-character's assassination. Fully intentional, yes, but not less painful and wrong (in my opinion). And then, she was out of the show (she reappeared only in a single episode in s5). Maybe they want not to only assassinate Angel's character, but even kill him?
Georges." In general I'm a hopeless romantic and I believe we should all end up with our soulmates and live happily ever after, in reality s8 is going to end and end big. You know Joss, life, DEATH, allthe big issues will be addressed...".
Maybe. And I wouldn't be opposed to that, so long as they better explain what's happened to him prior to death and give him a decent send-off.

Everyone dies some time.
I would be totally opposed to that, no matter how decent his send off is. I've not invested in a show (AtS) and a character (Angel) for many many years only to see Joss screw them whithout any respect for them and the viewers-supporters.

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