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May 23 2010

Mr. Universe gets married! David Krumholtz and actress Vanessa Britting were married on Saturday at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Congrats to our favorite Sp-Jew!
Sometimes I wonder if actors' friends and family are ever fanboys of their work.

Like, whether anyone at his wedding made any lovebot references about the bride, or if he cried, like a baby. A hungry, angry baby...
Nice wedding picture! Bridal bouquet is pretty!
Can't help wondering if he had the chance to stomp on a glass goblet.
Congratulations, Vanessa and David!
That's awesome news!
Many congrats to the happy couple. David Krumholtz is one of my favorite actors in the biz. I hope Numb3rs didn't get the axe...
And again I miss the connection to this site . . . .
Krumholz = Mr. Universe in Serenity movie.
And a long/happy to you, Mr. & Mrs. U.

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