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May 23 2010

Tonner Convention Browncoats breakfast blog coverage. Tonner has posted images of the new Firefly dolls: Inara "Shinon" and Captain Mal. I love them.

(I am the second "Jayne" from the left FYI in the Jayne contest...the Jayne with Vera won the prize). The Tonner Convention Browncoat Breakfast was so fun and was a wonderful introduction to the Firefly/Serenity world for many attendees. As both a Whedon fan and a doll collector, it was wonderful to have my two worlds collide. The Tonner staff gave a nice overview of the Verse for the uninitiated (though "Josh" Whedon was often said...shudder). We had some trivia and the table that won each received an Artist Proof Inara (jealous). The centerpiece at the event was a super sweet Captain's chair reproduction. It's shiny... I got one. They won't be making these anymore so if you come across one for a good price, buy it. They will be extremely rare.

One of the guests was sporting Kaylee's actual costume from the film...(again jealous!)

Last time I checked...they had about 14 of Inara left over...but she may be sold out now. If they have extras, they will be for sale on keep an eye out. The centerpieces and Mal were sold out at the convention.

Don't freak out about missing your chance to get these though because both dolls will be coming out as a part of the regular line (though not exactly the same as these). When Mal comes out as a part of the regular line, the brown coat will be sold separately (a la the Timelord Coat for the Dr. Who line). Inara will be coming soon in a different outfit. I asked Robert Tonner about plans for other characters and he said they are waiting to see how these do before they do more...but they WANT to do more. (So buy em!)

Now, before the complaining about likenesses starts ...these production photos NEVER do these dolls justice. (Like Capt. Jack Harkness looks AMAZING in person). Inara looks really nice and even has some applied eyelashes (not often seen on the Tonner dolls). Mal's wig needs mussin' up but the outfit and gun are killer and i like the sculpt. It is not 100% perfect...but I still love it. If I had to gripe about anything, I am not a fan of the silkscreened pattern on Inara's top. I would rather have had real fabric.

Thanks for the report Alyrenee, and you look mighty fine in your shiny Firefly ensemble! I understand about the feeling of having the 'Verse and doll worlds collide. I've been doing doll photography for Wilde Imagination (a sister company to Tonner) for some time now, and I was very excited when Tonner announced it would be producing a Firefly line of dolls.

As you mentioned, the dolls in the the production photos do not appear to bear strong likenesses to the actors, but I'm encouraged that you said the dolls have closer likenesses in person. I do hope that these dolls are a big success and the line continues. I also hope that an extra benefit is that more people discover Firefly/Serenity through the dolls. Double win!
So when are these going to be on sale and where?
The likeness of the action figures is kinda' old news to us. Rather, are you happy with them? If so..?
The likeness of the action figures is kinda' old news to us. Rather, are you happy with them? If so..?

Is this question to me, to the person who posted the thread, or just in general? Well anyway, I'll chime in... Just for clarity, these are not action figures, they are 17" and 16" articulated character dolls. Also, how can a likeness discussion be "kinda old news" when these dolls are brand new? Each new 'Verse related product released deserves its own fresh discussion.

I'd have to see the dolls in person to be able to comment more accurately on the likeness angle for these specific dolls. The production photos seem to show dolls which have likenesses which are in the spirit of the characters, but perhaps not spot-on recreations of the actors. This might have something to do with the terms of the license. When Tonner first produced the 'Wizard of Oz' dolls the sculpts were not based on the performers. However, later on the line was revised and all the dolls became faithful recreations of the cast.

Tonner can do excellent likenesses. Their 'Harry Potter' line is extremely well done, and their Joan Crawford doll looks so much like her it's breathtaking.

So when are these going to be on sale and where?

The Firefly dolls will be available for purchase through Tonner directly, plus some retail stores. At the moment the dolls haven't been posted to their website yet, but it should happen soon. To check on the status just visit the Tonner Doll Co. main website.
Their Harry Potter line is the best they've done when it comes to likenesses, but on the whole I find their facial sculpts to be be pretty awful sadly.

This new line doesn't look all that much better to me, but good on those who do like them.
Woah, these are 16" tall? I thought they were like, 9" or 12". I'm pleased to have a reason - any reason at all - not to collect these, since they're expensive. So, that'll be my reason! But for those who go for them, I've got to say I am glad that the event-exclusive Inara was not the panultimate Inara. I think they can do better -- and if/when they do as part of the regular line, that will be good news for everyone.

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