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May 24 2010

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #33. Courtesy of CBR.

Well, interesting turn of events.....but what an underwhelming way of revealing that twist.

As has been the norm with Willingham so far, I'm mostly enjoying the plot but the execution is's rather undramatically structured and the dialogue is very unwieldy.

Still, I'm interested to see where it goes.
That's one seriously lovely portrait of Angel on that second cover.
I like the fact that Willingham is trying to redeem Aftermath by making James' story a little bit more epic. I like the preview.

Question, though: why is there a (yet again) a different artist on Angel? Better question: why is it one whose style doesn't really fit with the title?
Very interesting developments with James.Can't wait to find out more on this when the issue comes out.
Wow, haven't been actively reading the issues, just the reactions on here typically but this looks good. Looks like it might counter act some of the massive problems found within Aftermath. Huzzah.
The art is great. Not as detailed as Denham's, but way more dynamic. I'm actually... interested again. The coloring definitely leaves a lot to be desired, though. What's up with the washed-outness... and Angel's streaky pants?
The coloring is awful. Not a huge fan of the linework either, but the colorist should be switched. It just looks amateurish, at best.
Denham's name is back on #36 cover. There's still hope.
Anca, this artist is seriously good when you've got a good colorist. She did the art on the "Hole in the World" adaptation. It's some of the best I've seen aside from Franco.
I think I get the things a little mixed up in my head, so please excuse my ignorance.

(I'll get in June the Hole in the World, because you're right, what I've seen from the previews was great, can't wait to enter in a real comicbookshop and I've been saving for months)

The covers are drawn and colored by the same artist and the interiors are drawn and colored by different people?

But I really didn't recognized Angel (not the smallest hint) and I don't think it's colorist failure in this. I'm not saying it should look almost like a photo, but

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Ok...v interesting. I wonder if his 'Sister' is the strange looking woman on the cover for #36?

The art seems fine....but Denham was better suited. Hope he will be back.
My LCS doesn't have this listed as coming in this week...anyone know of any delays in UK shipping from IDW?
Oh I hope not!I was gonna make a journey to get this so will have to make a call to the shop before I do!
My LCS has it listed, and they often get IDW titles late, so it's definitely coming out tomorrow. Talk to your LCS dude, maybe he either cancelled the title or forgot to put it on.

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