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May 24 2010

LA Natives You Ought To Know: A Profile of Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon, with Q&A. A Daily Truffle article about how awesome Mo Tancharoen is.

We already know how awesome she is, but for those of you who aren't sure..

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What's with the yelling?
The title of the article is also in caps on the linked page so I'm assuming sasburgerr was just copying it and didn't realize it's come across as yelling.

Anyway, Mo is great. It made the geek in me happy to see her and Eliza set a lunch date on Twitter today.
I heart her. Funny, smart, pretty, ambitious and with a cute/smart hubby. Yep. I wanna be her.
I DIDN'T MEAN TO YELL. :) no really. I just copied and pasteded it. :D
Play the youtube clip linked in the article- short, but very sweet.
If you could kindly refrain from that next time, sasburgerr. Blind copying and pasting is never good. Also, please try to fill in the appropriate Category, which in this case is "Cast and Crew," of course.

That aside, this is a nice profile piece, and the photo is delightful. Hadn't heard about the Lupus before.
I was just teasing. I knew whyfor all the caps. Thanks for an interesting link.
She is indeed awesome. Great piece.
I thought I saw Mo at a restaurant in Pasadena today. I freaked out, but I was wrong :( Great article though! LA girls all the way!
JAYROCK I did a little geek spaz as well when I saw them organise lunch. I love Mo I'm glad she's getting things written about her.
Great to see Marissa getting some recognition. And really inspiring, all she's accomplished while living with Lupus. I have a friend who has struggled with it for years and it's not easy, to say the least.

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