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May 24 2010

Firefly Jaynestown T-shirt. This shirt makes me smile.

I wonder if my brother would like it for Christmas.

Ahh...QMX. After 2 months of anticipation, I received my Serenity key chain today. I'm absurdly happy.

(And my very cool Starfleet Command Badge....geek bliss...)
Haven't gotten my keychain yet. Maybe tomorrow.
I got my keychain today too. Very shiny.

I saw the shirt on ThinkGeek earlier.
I wonder if they can make one with the words

"The hero of Canton, the man they call JAYNE!"

written on the back?
Archduke Sebassis,

They have a twitter and a contact page on their website.

Also if you have the proper printer, you can buy iron on stuff to print it and iron it on yourself.

There are also stores who will professionally iron on stuff.
Oooh, thanks for the info Anonymous1, I'll definitely look into that. I need me some geek clothes!

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