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November 24 2003

Cheaper Buffy/Angel DVD's? Amazon UK has all the Buffy and Angel DVD's due to be re-released on 26th December at the low prices of 26 pounds 24 pence. They are all listed as 'Amaray', whatever that means.

Does anyone know what is happening here?

I believe Amaray is a brand name of media packaging, usually the plastic cases. Which is probably why these sets are cheaper than the nicer "storybook" style packaging of the previous release...
Your link didn't work, but you can find it if you search amazon for 'amaray'. Apparently amaray is the name for the standard plastic DVD cases. Don't know why that makes the DVDs cheaper though.
I figured since the "storybook" style packaging requires die-cutting, disc padding, heavy-weight pages and binding, etc. that it would be more expensive to produce than molded plastic.
I've changed the link so it points to the Season 1 rerelease. Unfortunately Amazon searchs can't be linked for some reason.
Thanks for sorting out the link. I didn't realise that Amazon searches can't be linked too either.

I think it is odd that the prices are so different. I wonder if they will remove the specil features and contain the episodes only.
This is all fine, bringing the DVDs to a wider audience is a good idea. I also think the packaging probably is the only difference, think of the hundreds of millions of those plastic cases must be produced a year, and only the Buffy and Angel Region 2 releases the "storybook" style.
I have two problems though, 1. these better not have any extra features, ie. the season 4 episode with the seth green commentary that was on the r1 dvd but not the r2 one (this is the only extra extra I know of, though there are probably more). 2. Fox had better release buffy 7 and further seasons of Angel in the "storybook" style. I don't want to have to rebuy the whole collection.
My thoughts exactly, Ghost Spike...but about Angel R2...are those sets supposed to be in storybook format? Because the ones I have for seasons 2 and 3 are hella bulky: Each season is seperated into 2 parts and each disc is within its own plastic case. Yuck!

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brob1 I had to edit your post and get rid of the pound sign, for some reason it was playing merry hell with the RSS feed.
That's very strange protector, I thought all Angel R2 boxsets were storybook format, mine are, my only other buffyverse dvd owning friend's are, I've never seen anything different. The only thing I can think of is that you may have German copies, because they come out in 2 boxes, as do the British VHS cassettes. Angel 3.1 DVD is here:
Do you actually live in a region 2 area, or have you imported them?

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Ghost Spike: must be the German ones..dag nabbit. I've never seen the storybook versions. :( Could have saved lots of shelf space and time spent keeping up with TWELVE plastic cases!

And yes, I import.
I wonder if this means we'll be getting the one episode with BBFC-advised (mandatory to keep within age rating?) edits no longer in place. I forget which episode it is, but Giles is shown hotwiring a car in the contentious footage.

That would imply at least one remastered set, though, and I can't see that happening unless older versions were just plain buggy.

Amaray cases are easily recognized by the yin-yang, two-part "button" hold/release mechanism. Other brands include Alpha and Scanavo.The cases aren't really "standard," though they're pretty popular. (Edited to clarify and link to product info.) Shame they're using Amarays, really; I was eager to see Buffy in Thinpaks, like the R1 Futurama sets use.

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