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May 25 2010

An interview with Firefly writer Jose Molina. There's some wonderful insights into his two episodes 'Ariel' and 'Trash' and how 'Firefly: Still Flying' came together. Oh and Jose shares some details of what would have happened had Firefly stayed on the air. There's a similar interview at

Hrm. Didn't Joss once say Serenity was the end of season TWO, not season one?
Yes, I was about to say that. I was sure that the movie filled out the general arc of what the proposed second season of the show would have been.

I have no idea if this is right, but I've always read "Those Left Behind" as the the Season One finale.
I'm pretty sure that, based on what's been said, it was the equivalent of the show's second season (ie. the first season's finale would've served as a hook for what was meant to follow.)
I actually asked Nathan if he had anything in his idea vault that he wanted to revisit -- curious if he'd be tempted back into the 'verse by the thought of writing a story -- and, although he didn't, he referred me to Alan Tudyk, who's had an idea in his head for years. I don't know why Alan decided not to go for it, but if you're reading this, Alan -- write that story! It's too damn funny not to write!

Isn't there a Tudyk-penned comic coming/going? I wonder if that is what happened to that idea.
Lots of fun tidbits in there I didn't know. And it's always neat to get a peek into the writing process (I love his description of running to Tim Minear with what he thought was a brilliant idea).
Honestly, I never really thought of Nathan Fillion as hot, but I'm loving that picture all the same.
Amazing interview. Great to get more info from the production side of Firefly, and some of their plans. I would give just about anything for the band to get back together and start making Firefly again. I have a feeling if it started up again it would be much more successful this time around and could start another great scifi franchise... but no network seems to be willing to take that leap, not even Syfy.

I didn't realize that Still Flying was out today! Just ordered via Amazon, can't wait to read the new stories in the verse. :-)
"Ariel" was my hooked episode. I watched the airlock scene with my jaw dropped -- and then watched it two or three more times right then. At the time I was sure Joss must've written it since he's written a few of the pivotal scenes of other writers' scripts, but I think I'm happier that it was Jose because it adds to the number of wonderful writers I will follow anywhere. Looking forward to Haven!
I agree with cabri. That airlock scene floored me, it created a situation where I didn't think there was any way Jayne could walk out of that airlock. It makes me wonder how empty that episode would have felt if Joss didn't want a "heart", if the writers didn't brainstorm the "Jayne calls" angle, etc. It is too bad Molina didn't get a DVD commentary for "Ariel".
Ariel and Trash are actually two of my favorite episodes of the series (though I love them all), brilliant writing. I don't know which episodes of Castle I wrote, but I enjoyed a great number of them this season. Maybe he was behind some of them. Great interview.
Hey Groosalugg, you need to lay off the sauce if you can't remember which episodes of Castle you wrote. ;-)
Lol OneTeV. Meant to write he wrote.
All I get when I take a shower is shampoo in my eyes. Molina comes up with the peerless airlock scene.
I wish he had been more specific about stories that would have happened, like "Blue Sun Rising." I'm starved for information about this show! So much unfinished business...

Great interview, though!
There is also a new interview with Jose over on io9.
That io9 article drives me crazy, because Jose's story is only "a downer" if you don't understand it at all.
Way back when, at Television Without Pity, Molina posted a defense of himself for having written for Firefly, because he'd been criticized for selling out in some way. It's nice to see him no longer required to be on the defensive.
That airlock scene was definitely a keeper.
Wonder what a bath might have produced.
Besides wrinkles, that is.
Some deranged "Dark Angel" fan asked me how much Fox had paid me to sell my soul to write on the show that replaced it on the schedule. I replied with something along the lines of "a bit of string and a melon-baller."
To be fair, I'd have done it for just the string.

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