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May 25 2010

(SPOILER) Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale cover art. Cover art for the graphic novel is by Steve Morris. Includes a quick update from Zack Whedon.

and be sure to check back later this week as Whedon discusses the latest on "Dr. Horrible" and announces another major project.

Ongoing Serenity series?
It's a possibility I guess, since the Wash one-shot is supposed to be a big step forward, finally getting us past the movie, setting things up for future installments.
The Coat People are the best kind of people.
Oh man, that looks great! November is way too far away...
Is that a noodle sticking out of the bowl? They are a divine food.
So happy to call myself a Coat Person. :-D
The artwork is absolutely amazing. This will be good.

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