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May 25 2010

60B-cast's podcast discussion about all of Joss' shows. They rank their favourite moments, episodes, heroes, villains, deaths, and a lot more so, if you're interested, click on the link.

Feel free to comment on the site or on this site about your personal favourites. ;)

Hey Whedonites! Hope you enjoy the cast! Justin & I loved doing that cast! Let us know what you think!!
Absolutely! It was a hard cast to come up with but so much fun to re watch these amazing series!
Wish I'd known about it. Would have loved to be a part of the ep. I'm behind on some podcasts, what with my own (Castlecast, Sofa Dogs & Milk Carton TV) in full swing at the moment and planning vacation time for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Regardless, this is a very fun and insightful podcast. Always a solid listen in my book.
Awesome podcast! Insightful and fun, although I'm counting how many "ya knows" :)
The least favourite characters bit was most interesting I thought, I guess cus it was more analytic that the rest. More analysis! Also I love the southern accent (at least it sounds like that to my English ears, like Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs).
Thanks for the comments guys! I hope you will all stick around for more "Joss speak" ;) Yes, you definitely heard right on the country accent. I am from Alabama so it's kind of hard to hide! We are definitely planning more episodes like this with much more in depth analysis, there was just so much to cover with all these amazing series! Can't wait to delve further.
Oh and kungfubear, I listen to all your podcasts so anytime you would like to be a part, please shoot me a message!

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