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November 24 2003

Bandwagon? According to IMDB there is a documentary drama being made starring Emma Caulfield, Tom Lenk and Joss Whedon!

Does everyone know about this or is it just an Internet rumour?

I was in the process of trying to confirm this but I haven't heard back but anyway all I know is what has been posted at an Emma Caulfield forum:

Hi everybody. i'm new to the site but i wanted to tell all the emma fans out there about the news i just received. i live in los angeles and got to speak at length to a guy who worked on emma's movie, BANDWAGON. it's a documentary--where people will be playing themselves INCLUDING EMMA!--but there is one fictitious character. it is about hollywood vanity projects (things celebrities do outside of acting like helping sick kids and stuff) and was all improvised. there was no script. but emma had a hand in creating the idea with some friends of hers. then they just made like an outline and then shot the movie from that. it's supposedly really funny but really controversial. he said he wasn't allowed to talk that much about it either.

i heard tom lenk makes an appearance in it and joss whedon! no one could ever say emma forgets her friends!! i don't know who else is in it though. i don't think anyone else from buffy. :(

There's a bit more in the thread about it being submitted for Sundance.

And you can read what Emma said about the documentary in her last interview .
Thanks Simon - you certainly know where to find everything!

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