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May 25 2010

Rob Simonsen, Dollhouse composer, adds one instrumental piece to his Myspace. It's called "Do You Trust Me".

Thought this might interest people like me who loved the score of Dollhouse and desperately want a Dollhouse soundtrack.

Cool! I would probably not have noticed this on the show, but it's very pretty.

How great would a Dollhouse soundtrack be? I love all of Topher's S2 music, in particular.
I would love a Dollhouse soundtrack. Please!
Had to listen until about 30 or 40 seconds in, but yeah, I remember that.

Did this piece, or at least a variation of it, play over Echo and Boyd's final scene ? Where she's strapping the wiped version of him up with explosives and instructing him on what to do next ? And since it's called "Do You Trust Me", was it used as early as "The Target" as Echo/Boyd daughter/father-ish, ward/protector-ish theme music ?
Yeah, Kris, you're right. It was the Active/Handler-brainwash-theme. It was also used towards the end of the season 2 premiere when Paul became Echo's handler.

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