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May 25 2010

Amy Acker was a guest on last night's "The Good Wife". Watch it at the CBS site.

As usual, a great job by Amy. But she was woefully underused.
I've never heard of this show. Is it any good?
I started liking the show about half way through the first season. Took me a while to get into it though. It severely lacks commedy, but as far as pure drama goes, it's quite good.
Also, sign me up for anything that has Matt Czuchry in it.
Yes, it's very good. It may not have comedy but it does have a sense of humour. I often find myself smiling as new layers of characters are peeled. It's a not very violent show; most confrontations are very civil.
Itís a good show. I love the subtlety of many of the performances. Political/moral murk is not usually my choice of subject, but this show has compelling characters, so I keep watching. Plus, it does have a sense of humor.
Amy's husband has a recurring role on the show as well.
It also has Josh Charles (Sports Night's Danny Rydell). I have only seen one random ep, and while it's not immediately my thing I quite liked it. For me Amy certainly is another reason to try it.
If you like intelligent stories about real life, you will like it. The title character is a lawyer in private practice who has a demanding career, children, and a husband (Chris Noth) with political ambitions and serious problems with the law. She is a woman with empathy and high moral standards who is under pressure to be as tough as people who have neither. She has to work very hard, be good at her job, and make it look easy.

The writing doesn't belabor the obvious. There's a good balance between character and plot development, and the plots aren't predictable. None of the characters, including the children, are types. The acting is good too. I tuned in when the series was well underway, and now I don't miss an episode. I have to record it though, because Justified is in the same time slot, and I like Justified even better.
Simon, and anyone who is intrigued, The Good Wife is on More4 which is five episodes behind US tx (it finished on Tuesday night).

I think janef sums it up well. I also find it has a good sense of humour particularly anything involving Kalinda (played very well by Archie Panjabi even when her accent wobbles precariously).

Be warned that Amy Acker's part was one of the least well-developed and written guest roles.

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