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May 26 2010

'Firefly: Still Flying' out this week in book stores. To get a wide range of opinion on the book, have a look at the, Bashing In Minds, The House Next Door and SciFi Wire reviews.

The book was released in comic book shops earlier this month.

About to read the reviews. Seriously hoping that the short stories are the feature, not the interviews and cash in-y stuff, however interesting it is.
Withdrawn. As their is stuff on how they wrote the show. Which is cool.

It's mad. Firefly is mad. :)
Okay, maybe not. Three short stories, some of which I can just imagine getting contradicted by comics. Are these canon? Dude. NO.
Finally got mine thru Amazon. The short stories were---interesting. Love all the pics and the quotes from the cast.
What's with the news of this release date? I've had my copy for like 2 weeks now. I bought it in a store. Wouldn't that mean it is out already? Or is there some weird staggered release date between online and store based?
If your shop got the delivery through Diamond Comic Distributors then it would have been out on the 5th of this month (link:). Everywhere else would be selling it this week. Or something like that.
I got my copy yesterday from Amazon, and I'm loving it. I was a little surprised to find that there were only the three stories, though (well, three and that bit by Ben Edlund, which was... interesting). The way it was advertised made me think it was going to be JUST short stories with maybe a little extra stuff. Not really complaining, though, as I'm thoroughly enjoying the stories and all the awesome behind-the-scenes bits. Just would have loved to read more new stories about our BDHs... I mean, wouldn't we all?
It seems like it's worth getting just for the stories, if nothing else.
Yep. Stories en pretty pictures to stare at. Or so it would seem. Would still really like to have a real book with short stories by 'verse writers some day, though. I have no doubt that it would be an instant 'bestseller' among fans (I'm guessing it's not that hard to make a nice profit from a book, as the market gets swarmed by all kinds of tie-in novels for every single niche franchise out there :))
My two (purchased) copies arrived from Amazon today. Got my advance copy from Titan a few weeks ago.

As I've said before- I'm pleased as punch that they used my interview and statue photos along with Lexigeek's Canton poster in the 2-page article on the Jayne statue. (pg. 76)

I've read about 70% of the book- need to find the time to sit down and plow through the rest of it.
Also, FWIW, I have a photo in it, and danregal has several.
Need to get a move on & get this sucker - especially now that I didn't win the whedonesque contest for a copy. : (

Although ReaganBently, Kris and scruffy did, so good for them, and congrats.

With all due respect, and no hard feelings whatsoever, I am so trying not to make a joke about the name scruffy.
I have a bone to pick with the review on Slant. I know it's madness to argue with criticism, but a good review should speak to content and not the motivation of the strangers who created the project. Thus, my issue:

"Instead of being created out of love and obsession, Firefly: Still Flying feels like a halfhearted attempt to squeeze a few more dollars out of [the fans]. I'll leave it for Mal Reynolds to tell you what's really missing: 'Love.'"

I can't speak for the publisher, but I'll speak for myself and my friends who contributed to this book. We didn't do it for the money. We're doing okay, thanks. We did it for no reason other than love. We all miss the show and revisited it with nothing but affection.

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