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May 26 2010

Zack Whedon interviewed about Dr Horrible comics. Zack Whedon does a promotional interview with Comic Book Resources about the trade paperback collecting the various comics. He also speaks about the sequel (in no real spoiler detail). There's also interesting comments about Joss and The Avengers movie.

He's also very funny, especially when mentioning the Avengers film.

Yes the Avengers comment made me laugh too.
I find it odd it's not confirmed yet, is this normal? I live in fear(*) of him being cancelled as director.

* mild, occasional, inconsequential fear
I read the Penny, Dr. Horrible, and Moist comics, but I haven't read the Dr. Horrible one-shot yet and I'm most interested in reading the E.L.E. story, so I'm glad this is coming out soon.

Guessing that the new organization revealed in it (that Zack mentioned will be playing a role in the Dr. Horrible filmed sequel) is gonna be something like a supehero team, perhaps including already-established singular heroes like Captain Hammer. If there's a league of evil, traditional superhero storytelling rules dictate that there's gotta be a team of good to oppose 'em. Heck, even on Buffy and Angel, the main characters were never singly alone or facing single opponents for the main story arc (The Master had Darla, Luke, The Anointed One, and his other servant vamps, Season 2 had Spike/Drusilla/Angel and more servant vamps, Season 3 had The Mayor, Mr. Trick, and servant vamps, Season 4 had The Initiative/Maggie Walsh and then Adam/zombie-Walsh/zombie-Forrest and yet more servant vamps, Season 5 had Glory and her minions--okay, it could be argued that Glory was the least-lackey-dependant on Buffy--Season 6 had the nerds, and Season 7 had The First Evil, completely dependant on Caleb, its Bringers, and Turok-Han/supervamps due to being incorporeal. Angel had Wolfram & Hart throughout, Holtz, Justine, and Sajahn in Season 3[plus Connor eventually, arguably], and Jasmine, Skip, Connor, and her brainwashed LA citizens in Season 4).

I'm happy that Joss is getting a big-name, big-budget, high-profile project. It'll open up his options considerably and might be good for Whedon fans in the long run (I know there's no pleasing all of us 'cause many of us expect/hope for different things from him, or some of us just go with the flow and are happy to see what he attempts next). But I'd way rather see the Dr. Horrible sequel within the next year for sure than be waiting for his 2012 Avengers. Maybe he can leave Dr. Horrible 2 to his brothers and his sister-in-law and it'll be great regardless, that way we can have both.
Good interview - Zack is a hoot - and it was interesting to hear:

"There is a certain organization introduced in the ELE comic that will play a role in the sequel, if and when we get that off the ground."

This should give rise to some nifty fan-creations even before the sequel ever happens.

I did like "evil-winging it".

I do have to take exception to this:

"...and Felicia Day, who would go on to create the popular web serial "The Guild..."

since "would go on to create" should in fact be "had already created".

It would have been hard for "The Guild" to have served as an inspiration for Dr. Horrible if it didn't already exist before Dr. Horrible was made, unless Felicia has a tardis. Which she, of course, might, being Felicia, but still.

ETF: punctu-matation

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Did Zack just unofficially confirm Joss directing The Avengers? Maybe the official word is coming soon.
I thought that directing comment was pretty interesting too since he could have made it even further vague. I sort of wonder who it's more tentative for. (Whedon concerned about not having enough time/creative say or the studio concerned about him having too much and not being an easily controllable factor?) I suppose it could also just be a legal or publicity thing since the Avengers film would relatively be a ways off.

Also, what TV writing is Zach Whedon up to? I thought he was only involved with the first season of Fringe and every other series coming to mind got canceled awhile ago.

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