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November 24 2003

Looks like no new Angel episodes 'til 2004. Matt Roush at TV Guide says " This series is great fun, and it seems to be holding its own in a very tough time period. I will wait impatiently for new episodes to return in January".

And for those in the UK, apparently season 5 will either start on January 8th (the usual Thursday slot) or January 13th (which is a Tuesday).

I'm with Roush; I don't mind the break, either. It's hard for me to keep up with TV during December holiday-related madness and travel, especially if you're DVR-less like me.

And I prefer to have a chunk of new episodes punctuated by periods of consecutive reruns or preemptions. I think that schedule actually interrupts the flow of a season less than a couple of weeks of new episodes, then a couple of weeks of reruns, wash, rinse, repeat.
Agreed, keever -- I prefer these mini-runs as well.

Besides, between the holidays, family and the upcoming FIREFLY and BUFFY DVD sets in December, I have other things to watch.
I am so not in accord with you guys...just talked to my wife, who howled in pain when I told her...Firefly will help, I am sure, but we are ever so pumped, especially after last week's episode, to move forward...oh well...deferred pleasure is sometimes doubly enjoyable...I hope...
I think that the Buffy and Firefly DVD's will keep me busy aswell. It seems as if though the first half of Angel has gone by so quick but I also prefer continuous episodes of Angel and then one big break rather than have 1 week new, the other old. What they did during Buffy's last season just annoyed the heck out of me.

P.S. Sort of off topic but I'm sure that no one's probably gone back to check my post. Does anyone know the artist or name of the song that plays once you enter the eurotrip movie site?

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