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May 26 2010

Leverage - The Fighting fun with Christian Kane. A video about the fighting scenes on Leverage and the fact that season 3 will deliver more kick butt fight scenes with Christian Kane.


Christian Kane is SO HOT on that show. Eliot is just YUMMY! I LOVE the episode when they claim to drug him and he nearly kills the other guy in the MMA ring!

What can l say, Christians' character Elliot rocks! l think he adds flair to his fight scenes. Can't wait for Leverage.
I vote for Christian Kane's (Elliot's) kitchen scene knife fight was the best one so far. Well, it was my favorite anyway.

I still enjoy Leverage very much, but season two wasn't quite as strong for me as the first. Perhaps that was due to the unexpected pregnancy of Gina Bellman (though I did love Jeri Ryan's replacement character and hope to see her return.) I am hoping season 3 will recapture some of the magic I found in the initial season.
Yes, yes, YES! Come on Father's Day 2010!

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