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May 26 2010

Felicia Day talks comics and Joss Whedon's qualifications for 'The Avengers'. Felicia Day talks with MTV's splash page about The Guild comics and Whedon doing The Avengers.

"Day’s frequent boss [he's been her boss twice, how is two frequent?] and friend Joss Whedon is rumored to be taking on the lofty directors chair for Marvel’s “The Avengers” film. She thinks the pairing is “amazing.”

Day has taken on a variety of roles for Whedon through the years, from potential slayer to the love interest of a supervillain hopeful [Again, that's not a variety. That's two. She's played two roles]. Even though we don’t know which female characters they’ll use in the film, could Avengers team member be next?"
Did you forget to count Mag? Cause she worked for Joss three times. As Vi in Buffy, as Penny in Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long blog and as Mag in Dollhouse.

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The Guild comic is my favorite Guild. I truly love it. It think it's the extra Cyd. I've been a fan of the web series all along, but the comic is specially special.
Hrm, any Avengers she could play... Maybe Patsy Walker/Hellcat? I love the character's convoluted history and that might be enough to spawn a sort of indie genre superhero film with the weird sensibility they've applied to the character.

(She was created as basically a female Archie in the 40s or so, eventually integrated into the 616/superhero universe of Marvel as a regular girl whose mother wrote fictionalized comic book stories about her, and at various points has been a model, "career girl," superhero, paranormal investigator, wife to the son of Satan, and once committed suicide... but got better. Then she returned to superheroics as a novelist/journalist/something or other and as a one woman superhero team.)

Or I'm sure Joss could give her a token role as craft services aboard a helicarrier or she could be a background extra in the event they have SHIELD stables and she could take care of the Bad Horses.
Frak numfar there goes my snark.
Slightly off-topic, I'm wondering when we'll be getting some Purple Prose on this? Will Joss hisownself be letting us know soon about the Avenger-ness of his future? Keeping all appendages crossed that the rumors will come true!
I'm all in favor of Felicia Day writing some Season 9, or a "Buffy" one-shot. Dark Horse keeps saying that there's not time to do more than the one-shots we've gotten, maybe Felicia could belt one out that deals with, for instance, her own character and her contemporaries stories post-"Chosen". Or the long-sought Xander one-shot that addresses losing Anya, or Dawn in college.

It would be nice to get a Joss-post confirming his involvement, but there's been so much discussion by people who one would *think* would already know it's true -- for instance, Favreau, who might otherwise have been someone considered for the job -- that I think it's pretty much confirmed.
Felicia has already proven she can fill a super-heroine costume (i.e. her Codex outfit in the Guild is pretty close), plus she's an internet geek hero in real life. I'll bet she could pull in some theater/home-video watchers.

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