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May 27 2010

Guardian Glee Blog full of praise for Joss's episode. It's repeated tonight on E4 in the UK, and on Channel 4 on Friday.

I think Safety Dance was my favourite number of the entire series.

I've watched it about three times.

Oddly, I preferred the episode after it.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't so much of Joss fan and that I could say "this was easily the best episode since the return of the series (and better than most of the first half,)" without it just seeming like my Joss love blinding me. But this was easily the best episode since the return of the series (and better than most of the first half.)

The emotion and drama was pitch perfect, where it generally dips into crassness. Compare Artie's dream and sudden drop to reality to the throwing in of Paralysed Kid to show Rachel that she is more than her voice in the previous episode (a pointless story in an otherwise okay episode,) and the difference is clear to see.

The humour was still there, but more consistent (although, more Brittany would have been good.) Neil Patrick Harris was, obviously, brilliant and got most of the best lines. It left me begging for more of him, particularly scenes with him and Sue.

The reveal of Rachel's mother was kind of predictable (they are identical,) but it was effectively done and the rendition of Dreamed a Dream was great.

I'm hoping that the quality of this episode was a funny coincident with Joss directing, rather than purely his influence. The writing seemed so much better that I hope it is a good sign of things to come, rather than a drop back into the mediocrity it was already in.

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I agree, this was a funny script. Maybe they did that cos they knew he was directing.

I felt like the Artie story was the A story to be honest (although I haven't yet seen the last 10 mins - technical glitch). NPH is great, but he didn't really have enough to do.
One of the best things about this episode was the voices weren't overproduced. They sounded much more natural. Usually the voices have been so processed that they sound too slick, and anything but "live". It's very distracting and pulls me out of the story. I'm hoping that was Joss's influence, and that future episodes will sound like this.

I agree with this completely. For some of the bigger songs it works fine (Don't Stop Believing being a perfect example of this,) but the majority of the songs lose a lot when they are obviously put through a computer. This probably isn't helped by the gurning and over the top miming a lot of the actors do when singing along. I would much rather they did the live singing as done in this show, as well as briefly in the previous episode, the majority of the time. I wouldn't even mind if the vocals weren't as good because of it, as the emotion and power would be there instead.
I actually thought it would have been cool if Whedon got the Gaga episode. I mean the episode as a whole was pretty decent as well and had better pacing/musical number distribution even if it had some of the most painful writing *ever*. There was that Haus of Gaga exposition, but also the uncreative homophobic jock talk.

Main selling point though: it was the vampire episode! There were even pryotechnics involved I seem to remember.

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